Summer Blooming Flowers 8-19-2015

Here are some beautiful blooms to enjoy on your wonderful Wednesday!

Would you like to see what was blooming in 2014 or blooming in 2013? Click respectively.


Kalimeris incisa ‘Blue Star’ ~ Japanese aster


Hmmm, didn’t get a close enough to figure it out… Drat.


Allium cernuum ~ nodding onion or lady’s leek

Helianthus hirsutus ~ Hairy Sunflower


Hibiscus moscheutos ‘Lord Baltimore’ ~ Rose Mallow

This is 8 inches wide! And I’m lucky enough to have it in my front yard.


Impatiens capensis ~ the orange jewelweed, common jewelweed, spotted jewelweed, spotted touch-me-not, or orange balsam

This is a cure for poison ivy. If you happen to have stumbled into some ivy… back away and looks for this plant. It usually likes to be near stream beds. Break the stems apart and rub on the exposed parts of your skin.

Erigeron strigosus ~ Daisy Fleabane


Gaura lndheimeri ‘Siskiyou Pink’ ~ Wand Flower


Hydrangea paniculata ~ Tardiva on left and Limelight on right.


Silphium perfoliatum ~ cup plant or cup-plant


Crazy sky!!


Thunbergia alata ~ Black eyed Susan vine

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

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