Fox River Kayaking 8-21-2015

We bought KAYAKS!!!

We’ve been putzing around renting kayaks and canoes for far too long. My husband did all the research and we settled on the Bass Pro Shop brand Ascend. He went with the fishing version and I went with the sports car version =-) Both are 10 feet long and about 50 pounds. A few things really make these ‘Yaks’ the bomb… The storage space is enormous, I can fit a full cooler in the back. The cupholders at the front keep your drink from spilling all over your legs (Who thought a cup holder between your legs was a good idea?). However, best of all is the adjustable, padded seats!!



Cheers! Our maiden voyage is on the Fox River. We were a bit farther south than the last trip on the Fox.


The starlings really enjoyed squawking in this large dead tree. I spied these flowers on the shore… It was a Geocache!


Enallagma cyathigerum ~ Common blue damselfly

Damselflies and dragonflies spend the greater part of their lives as larvae, sometimes as much as three years. Adults live for around 12 days on average and in this short period they must breed. Mating can take up to 20 minutes and the females lay their eggs in the tissue of plants both above and below the water line and are capable of remaining submerged for some time. The male will stay guarding her at the point where she entered the water.


Too bad we didn’t get to see a train.


Nice and calm waters. No motor boats, too shallow. Only about 3′ feet mostly. There are some deeper spots.


A Least Sandpiper (Calidris minutilla ) scurries around looking for crawling snacks.Β  Very cute.

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

28 thoughts on “Fox River Kayaking 8-21-2015

    • Yes! Thought of you with the train spotting. This is normally a metro train track a bit south, the last stop was a mile before. This area is only freight use. I had seen an antique passenger train on this line a few times on the drive home. Couldn’t tell you what it was or photograph as I was driving. Maybe a rental? It was a beautiful restored wood outer.


      • I love anything made from wood. Railway carriages, sail boats, motor boats, cottages, furniture! What could be better than beautifully restored wood? The creation of plastics and mass production was the “rape and pillage” of so many previously very distinctive products. That brings to mind Pete Seeger singing “Little Boxes’! (time to sniff some Danish Oil!) πŸ™‚


  1. Great pics! And now that I live on a river, perhaps I should branch out from my canoeing to see if I like kayaking (we have a great place here I can rent one and test it out). The availability of a cup holder suggests kayaking has a lot to offer.


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