Katy Did

imageWho walked up the tree?

Katy did, Katy did!

Who’s grown up to look like a leaf?

Katy did, Katy did!

Who’s turned a beautiful green?

Katy did, Katy did!

Who heard things through her front feet?

Katy did, Katy did!

Who accused a young woman of murder*?

Katy did, Katy did!


*There once was a beautiful maiden named Katy who fell in love with a handsome man. She loved him with all of her heart and only wanted to please him. Fate turned against her and the handsome man fell in love with her sister. The pain of seeing them together was too much for her and in a fit of jealous anger she killed them both. No one in town would have ever believed she killed them but the insects turned against her. Telling the towns people Katy did it Katy did it.

Some other Katydid folklore:

  • Katydids sing to bring in cold weather.
  • Three months from the first katydid chirp, there will be frost.
  • The earlier in the summer you hear the katydids, the earlier the first frost will be that fall.
  • The first katydid you hear in July, it’ll frost on the same day of the month in September.

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl

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