Wish Lantern

Be sure to think of a wish!!

Wish lanterns were used by many cultures.

Zhuge Liang (Kongming, to his friends) was a Chinese military strategist, is attributed with using sky lanterns in third century BC to summon help when he was confronted by enemy troops. This is possibly why they are commonly known at Kongming lantern or maybe because the lanterns resembled his hat!

Many folks use these in wedding ceremony’s. Wishing the couples well..

Monks used lanterns on the twelfth day of the first lunar month in their worship of the Buddha. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Emperor Liu Zhuang was a Buddhist and he ordered the inhabitants of the imperial palace and citizens to light lanterns to worship the Buddha just as the monks did.


The fuel cell is lit and the air begins to warm. Slowly it rises out of your hands. It will burn for about twelve minutes and can rise to heights of one mile. The whole lantern is biodegradable. I love these over any firework. Did you make your wish?!?


At the many lantern festivals, lanterns of varying colors are for sale. Festival-goers choose the color that expresses their desires and then write their specific wishes on the lantern.

Lantern Colors and Their Meanings:

  • Red: Good fortune
  • Pink: Romance
  • Peach-red: Decisions and opportunities
  • Orange: Money
  • Yellow: Success in school and/or job
  • White: Health
  • Light Green: Growth
  • Light Blue: Hoping something comes true
  • Light Purple: Idealism

ยฉ Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

9 thoughts on “Wish Lantern

  1. They sadly are strictly forbidden here . My mom ignored that and sent one to heaven as our Chpie had to go to the rainbow bridge. The lantern switched the direction and flew directly to the center of our village. My smart mom grabbed her bike to chase the lantern, but it was foolhardy to think she can catch a flying lantern with a bike. It fortunately ended well and no one saw her, they have ginormous fines when you start wish lanterns, the police ruined the wedding of a neighbor only because they used this lanterns :o(


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