Lake Defiance in Moraine Hills ~ McHenry Illinois

We went for a quick kayak trip to a place we like to hike a lot, Moraine Hills. We were excited to see a different perspective of the lake today. I was first drawn to the yellow water lily, I had spotted it a good 50 feet away. There’s nothing wrong with my distance vision πŸ˜‰ These are native here.


Yellow water lily ~ Nuphar variegata

lake defianceThis is a Glacial Lake, although the jury is still out on exactly how big a body of water has to be to be named a lake.

This lake was made by a glacier breaking off ice while receding, which then became covered with debris and eventually melted. The depression in the earth leaves it receptive to pooling water. I placed a video at the end of the post that may explain the process a bit clearer.


A black lab named Rory who couldn’t care less there were kayaks coming through… LEMMIE AT THOSE MINNOWS!!!

A damselfly takes a break on my arm.



It was very clear. I couldn’t touch bottom with my whole paddle here, so 6+ feet.


Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

16 thoughts on “Lake Defiance in Moraine Hills ~ McHenry Illinois

    • Oh yes it would!
      I wish I was more patient to quilt. An ex’s mom used to enter quilt contests and win quite a bit of $. With her help, I made a table doily. That was about how long I could sit still. I’ll revisit quilting and knitting for that matter, when I have no choice but to relax. . Maybe when I’m 90! πŸ˜ƒ

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  1. Great you got to go kayaking and lovely photos πŸ™‚
    And yeah, I’m with you on the “Let’s sit still when we are forced to by the lack of mobility of extreme old age!” πŸ™‚


  2. This is great! Love your vid!!!! (I discovered by accident that I could be listening to Pandora and still hear the audio to your video, so you got a soundtrack!)

    I have hiked there too…such an interesting ecosystem. I love moraines and glacial formations in general. Here in Colorado there are tons of cirques. Unfortunately, the Rocky Mountain glaciers have shrunk to a fraction of their size when the early explorers/photographers of the 19th century documented them. Well, this has happened every few million years, but the astonishing development and burgeoning human population of the West has doubtless contributed to the changing environment…thanks for your continuing reminders of the beauty of the Upper Midwest.


    • Thanks! I do love this geology we’ve got going on here in the Midwest. Very unique, although I think Greenland and Iceland have the same topography. It’s just so fascinating to know that a large blob of ice did all this (very scientific. . ‘blob’) anyway, I hope to visit a few more of these lakes and see more of the diversity of plants that like these conditions. Have you been to Volo Bog? I highly recommend this one, just down the street from here. It’s a ‘quaking bog’. Very, very rare. Same concept tho, chunk of ice melts in place, forms bog. Awesome!

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