It Happened In My Hood

I don’t dislike the police.

I truly respect the job they try to do. I’m no hero, I would not throw myself in front of a bullet for some stranger! Well, I may save a dog from a bullet… Anyway,  I just don’t call on the police or think they will help me when I need them.
Although I don’t hold them in high regard, I don’t like it when they get killed in the line of duty. I don’t like criminals any more than they do.
Recently, three armed men killed a police officer less than 2 miles from where I work. I actually drove right past the location he was gunned down only one hour earlier.
I work alone. I locked everything down and kept my phone in my pocket. The manhunt was on for the 3 fugitives. Driving home later that day was intense with the amount of police presence in the area. SWAT, ATF and a host of other capital lettered agencies joined in the search. So far, nothing.
This type of situation has never happened out here near me. Many folks are in a panic not knowing where the fugitives could be. They did take the officer’s gun and rounds. All that has been reported is they are looking for two white and one black male.
We were sure to check our doors and windows when we got home. We also moved the gun into a more accessible location than its normally tucked away, unloaded, resting place.
I sure hope these criminals are found and hopefully not apprehended, but put out of their our misery with a few bullets.

1,500 police departments came to the area to show support for their fallen comrade.
The officer was a 32 year veteran, was involved in many local charitable organizations, father of four and (the kicker) going to retire at the end of the month. I wish his family peace.

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22 thoughts on “It Happened In My Hood

  1. OK so I looked at the link you gave and the three suspects have been cleared. It is stil bad. Everynight when you watch the news it is often so far away that we a quite detached. But sometimes it is just too close to home and then we have to start thinking.


  2. I’m so sorry for the officer and his family. It’s awful when such horrible things happen in your neighborhood and I agree with you for the gun. But I hope you will never need it and I cross my paws that this killers get their punishment.


  3. Police and fire personnel leave their families every day, put on their uniforms, and risk their lives to serve and protect us. For that I say a simple thank you which doesn’t help when one is gunned down for not apparent reason. The current relationship between some safety officers and some citizens is scary at the very least. Some nights when watching the news, I feel like we’re all living in Dodge City but there’s no Marshall Dillon to protect us.


  4. Our great social issues are layered and complex, there are no easy answers. I grew up in a world where you could get shot on the street, or stabbed in a bar so I truly understand the desire to have a gun. The sad fact is more wives and children are shot from this action, and very few criminals get what they deserve.


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