Autumn Blooming Flowers 9-21-2015

Haaaaappy Monday!

Last weekend I was down in Utica, Illinois to enjoy the Illinois Wine Fest.

Click to see what was Blooming in 2014 or Blooming in 2013.


Asclepias tuberosa ~ Milkweed

Everyone is enjoying the milkweed!


Beautiful natural art. I bet if spiders became aware, they would become great mathematicians. How do they measure that perfectly?


Asclepias syriaca ~ Common milkweed


I’m not sure of this grass, however the seedhead was pretty cool.


Wish I had more time to key this out… Sigh.


Monarch on the Joe Pye. I took so many photos of this guy enjoying this bloom, there’s no surprise more photos are turning up!!


Hypericum perforatum, ~ Perforate St John’s-wort, Common Saint John’s wort or St John’s wort


Eupatorium perfoliatum ~ Boneset


Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

18 thoughts on “Autumn Blooming Flowers 9-21-2015

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