Autumn Blooming Flowers 9-24-2015

Happy Thursday everyone!

The one week countdown to vacation starts now. Opps. Hmmm. It’s Wednesday this moment. However, this post publishes on Thursday… Awe, who cares! Next Wednesday, I will be in the Mile High city of Denver, Colorado, officiating my BFF’s wedding! Let’s hear it for my KweenBe!! Love ya!!

Click to see what was Blooming in 2014 or Blooming in 2013.


Solanum dulcamara ~ Bittersweet nightshade

You won’t die from eating this, but you’ll sure feel like shit!


Jerusalem artichoke ~ Helianthus tuberosus


Physalis philadelphica ~ Tomatillo or  Mexican husk tomato


Pennisetum alopecuroides ~ Fountain grass


Devil’s Beggar-Ticks  – Bidens frondosus


Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’ – Maiden Grass


Silver-spotted Skipper – Epargyreus clarus on Sedum.

So cute! I’ll write about you soon.


Lonicera albiflora ~ Western white honeysuckle, Texas honeysuckle, White honeysuckle, White shrub honeysuckle or White limestone honeysuckle.

image  image

Ohhh boy was I jealous of what I saw down in Southern Illinois… Crepe myrtle ~ Lagerstroemia indica

They were so beautiful. What a difference a zone makes.


© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

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