The Divining Rod Never Lies


I follow a wonderfully creative woman named Maggie at Tide Line Still Life. She has imagination in spades and inspired this post.


Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

11 thoughts on “The Divining Rod Never Lies

  1. Wow. Your timing of posting this is remarkable. This is something I could use in my “tool bag” about now. My grandfather was a dowser, and helped many people find the best location to dig their well. I wonder if I could somehow channel his skill to help people — not so much with digging wells, but for answering questions that require intuition rather than logic.


    • Sorry I missed your comment 😒
      I have tried in my past to dowse for water with mixed results. I totally believe this technique can work for individuals with a ‘magic touch’. And you’re correct, not all answers can come from logic. .. Gut feelings revel many answers, if someone listens!

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