Gross Reservoir / Dam and South Border Creek ~ Colorado


We took a wonderful, dam drive out to the Gross Reservoir area looking for a dam place to hike. The reservoir area was kind of boring. We decided to go towards Osprey Point which headed up! We found this parking area and heard water… That was an invite in my dam mind!

This river was a Class V Kayak run:

Class V- Extremely difficult. Long and violent rapids that follow each other almost without interruption. River filled with obstructions. Big drops and violent currents. Extremely steep gradient. Even reconnoitering may be difficult. Rescue preparations mandatory. Can be run only by top experts in specially equipped whitewater canoes, decked craft, and kayaks… Mmm, so we’re juuuust a tad under-experienced πŸ˜‰ Safe to say, we didn’t brink our Yaks.

We decided to hike the random railroad tie steps down to the water. Pretty dam steep my friends. I walk leaning back in case I fall, I’m way closer to the ground. I had my grippy shoes on for rocks, however all bets are off with the dam loose soil. We noted the sign warning of cougar attacks and how to thwart one… Remember, you never need to outrun the thing chasing you, just who your with πŸ˜‰ I also hoped to not be part of a horror movie where the dam dam breaks and we’re washed away…

It was well worth walking down to the water. Toe test proved it to be pretty dam cold. No wading for me, although we did see a few fly fishers standing in it, no prob.

imageΒ  imageΒ  image

Owned and Operated by Denver Water. I think there are seven reservoirs total. Colorado is pretty anal about their dam water. I get it. It will be worth more than gold, once people get their heads out of their dam asses!!
Elevation: 7,225 feet (2,220 meters) β€” spillway
Capacity: 41,811 acre feet (one acre foot = 325,851 gallons)


Karma Khameleon ??








Gross Reservoir

Β imageimage image

The Dam Lookout



The Dam Mountain View

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

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