Ah, Life Keeps Getting in the Way…

Welp. Time has finally caught up with me.

Work has become a bit too long in the day and I really would like to make a change of pace. I have just signed-up for the Tree Risk Assessment Certificate class for an additional certification to my arborist license… tree surgeon for you friends over the pond πŸ˜‰ This will open up a few more job opportunities for me. I need to study for the course, as it was an astonishing $650 and a test retake is $150. I can’t afford a retake!! So, my nose will be in aΒ  book for the next month.

Because of this and the closing of the season, I’m dropping my posting times to M-W-F. After the class in early December, I’ll revisit this schedule. Sadly, this will effect the blogs I follow. I can’t stop reading, however comments may drop off. You’ll know I came by with my icon in your LIKE section πŸ˜‰

Ilex Farrell

42 thoughts on “Ah, Life Keeps Getting in the Way…

  1. Go for it Ilex, and all the very best. Your Posts and Comments will be missed (dam it!), but one must have one’s priorities right. Looking forward to hearing the good news and seeing a pic of your Certificate to prove the point! πŸ™‚


          • Randomly, she does have a Christmas tree outfit. And I have the materials to make a Chia pet costume (I’m guessing we saw the same picture online). I did some thinking on the creation of the tree over the weekend. I have some ideas. Squirrels are involved. Now, I just need to find the time to implement said ideas…


                • We are out camping, hopefully not our last trip, but prepared for it to be. Campgrounds start turning h2o off next week, sooner if a cold snap comes.
                  I planted 2 trees last weekend. Aside from some daffodils, I’m so done planting this year.
                  I used to be so crazy for Halloween. .. I do have a timeless costume idea handy, If we ever do Halloween again: The Gordon’s fisherman guy and a mermaid. My hubby already looks like him!
                  Hope you’re out yard working. It’s 9am and it’s nice in Milton!

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                • Those are great costumes!

                  I did get a little yard work done, but not as much as hoped. Mostly, we just walked around and took pictures and made plans for the future (plus, some things were not quite ready to cut back – though we had a couple more frosts this weekend, so maybe next weekend they will be).


                • Ha! I totally took pictures of everything over the weekend to add to my drawings of the yard and gardens that I was doing (though I have yet to add to them). Sadly, I learned that we have something like 40 hostas in the yard, and every single one is the same.

                  The trees are all pretty much things I knew and are pretty common around here – may box elders (the worst!), a couple maples near the pond, a mulberry, a couple walnuts. A bunch of pine and cedar trees as well. The pine and cedars appear to be the only intentional trees on the property, other than some crab apples.


                • Definitely! I am currently pondering hydrangeas. They’re one of my favorites (unlike Madonna), so I just need to figure out where to put those, and everything else can go around them (note: this opinion is subject to change dramatically depending on the day and my mood).


      • You obviously have a knack with the camera. You captured great pics of the magpie and the hawk moth. I have been trying all summer to get a picture of a Stellar Jay who lives in the neighborhood, and all I ever get is a blurry blue dot.


        • πŸ˜‚ You’re so sweet!
          Thank goodness we are in a digital world, as I would have blown 6 rolls to get those 3 shots! I think my stealth is the only thing that helps me with my camerone (camera/phone). Macro photos are easy, but anything farther than 10′ away is a toss up if it will come out.
          I follow many bird photographers and they have the patience to sit still for hours, waiting for thier shot. .. I would have had 6 anxiety attacks in that time… I’m manic, need to move. Anyway!
          I’d say sooner or later, your blur Jay will soon be a blue Jay in your photos with patience!

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