Dog-Gone Poo Rollers!


We love you Mommy!!

I just got home after a monster day. As I pulled up to the garage, the boys had already anticipated my arrival and were crying at the window. Awe, someone loves me! ❤

I let them out and got the ‘Whip it’ and loaded it with a fresh tennis ball. After a enough throws to cause tongues to hang to the grass, I collected the balls and went back into the garage.

Welp. It wasn’t long before they were done in the yard themselves. They came in and looked at me for their suppers. But wait. What is that on your neck Oreo? Gaaa….. Poo! And since it’s all our nothing in this house, Breck had to roll in it also.

So much for a quiet start to my evening. Baths for everyone!

It’s that time of year again. The apple crop was great this year and many of the furries like to gorge themselves on the free buffet. Since animals have no couth, they poop as needed, right in the middle of the buffet line.




I’ve read up on the philosophy dog trainers have accredited this type of obsession. One or more of the following drives my dogs to wear poop:

  • This is ‘MINE’. Not yours, mine.

  • Lets go show Mommy what we found! We’ll bring it to her!

  • This smells different than me, and I like change.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

22 thoughts on “Dog-Gone Poo Rollers!

  1. We are lucky that Mongo is not a “roller”. But when Mongo was little, we still had a little golden retriever, named Pippin. Pippin was a roller, especially in dead things. Pippin raised Mongo, and taught him many things, but lucky for us, she did not teach him that!


    • Oh boy are you lucky Mongo missed that day of school! Oreo actually taught Breck and Breck is 3 years older. Oreo is always worse than Breck, as he finds it first and then Breck has to be last. Just like Animal Couriers said, “it’s almost better when they eat it. ..” 😲


  2. My dogs have never-yet – rolled in excrement. But I’m sure they would if it were cow or horse dung but they don’t have access to any of that. I feel for you having to bathe dogs when you are already beat from a day of work.


  3. Covered in poop or not, your dogs are damn adorable. My last dog never rolled in poop, but always in dirt. We could not take him on a walk ANYWHERE without him randomly diving into the ground and rolling around. We got a lot of funny looks.


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