Spy VS Spy – Leaf Hopper Style

When I saw these leaf hoppers facing off, I was brought back to childhood…
image spy vs spy

Back when I was a little kid, I got hooked on reading Mad Magazine. While technically a comic book, I would have denied reading comics. Mad didn’t have super heros or even stuck to one topic. It was a mash-up of funny advertisements, spins on current affairs, interviews, funny places Alfred E. Neuman would show his face, and reoccurring bits like Spy VS Spy. These two were always trying to kill each other. No words were ever spoken between the two, however they were certainly heck bent on taking the other out. Spy VS Spy was the first thing I thought of when I saw these two leaf hoppers facing off.

The next best thing in Mad, was the inner back cover contained a ‘Mad Fold-In’! These were my fav as you were presented with a dilemma and the answer was revealed by folding the page in. Ah, those were the days when simple paper folding could keep me occupied.


© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

14 thoughts on “Spy VS Spy – Leaf Hopper Style

  1. Oh!! I do so remember Mad Magazine. And Spy v Spy was a favourite. However my local leaf hoppers seem to spend all their time running around to the other side of the branch. You have to be very quiet to catch ’em.


  2. aaaah I agree… and it’s even true :o) I always read a magazine named Yps, where they showed you how to make a lie detector (the reason for a lot of trouble) or a cannon to shot flies ( the reason for much more trouble). I loved it till they showed the instruction how to make your own Yps- bedclothes via batik effect (biggest trouble with my mother ever). Then my dad cancelled the subscription :o(


  3. I grew poor with parents that were paying for a farm. I never had access to a comic book but saw other kids with them. Now I read 4 comic strips in the newspaper and that is it. My favorites are For Better or Worse, Mother Goose and Grim, Frank and Ernest and Baby Blues. I have apparently a very limited sense of humor. 🙂


  4. I used to love my brother’s MAD magazines. And you weren’t the only one who was easily amused by the back cover. It was always just naughty enough that it felt somewhat illicit to look at the folded version.


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