It Happened in My Hood – The Conclusion

Early last September, some of you may remember a post I wrote about a Fox Lake police officer (Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz) getting shot and killed less than two miles from where I work. The story that day was of a police officer getting gunned down by three men and the assailants escaped on foot with his service revolver. I remember when my boss called to tell me what was going on. He told me to lock all the doors, gates and don’t let anyone I don’t know in. It was about that time I wished I had my concealed carry license… The ride home through Fox Lake was like a war zone. Every police acronym was there, along with every news station and supporters with #policelivesmatter signs.

Days later, the funeral brought 1500 municipalities together from the whole nation. You couldn’t drive through Fox Lake without seeing signs like, “Joe Mattered” or “RIP G.I. Joe” or the many blue ribbons flying from everything. The man was loved by his community.

A few days later, when the coroner’s report didn’t rule out suicide, the community was in an uproar. Many higher-up officials berated the coroner for his findings. Family swore this was not something he could do. His wife said they had planned vacations and a future, that’s not something a suicidal person does. (She knows nothing about suicide, does she?) Facts started to surface; Why was he out there so early? Where was the other gun? Why the late call for back-up?

Then the conspiracy theories started to rise to the surface. One was that Gliniewicz was to testify against two recently put-on-leave officers and the Fox Lake chief of police. Another had him involved in drugs. He had even impregnated a sixteen year old, in yet another media story. It was also rumored that he was murdered by fellow officers.

In the end,  Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz’s death was ruled a suicide. He shot himself once in the vest and one just to the side, which was the fatal shot. Turns out it was him that was under investigation. Gliniewicz had been stealing and laundering thousands of dollars from the police department’s youth auxiliary program for personal purchases, the department said. The purchases included gym memberships, porn websites, and mortgage payments.

His wife will not get his pension. Many charities are demanding their money back from the family. (Why exactly did she deserve charity anyway??) She swears she didn’t know.

Us local taxpayers are also enjoying our $300,000 bill for the frivolous manhunt we endured that day.

In this case, this man was the biggest coward ever to choose suicide. He should have just admitted his crime and took his own punishment instead of placing it on his wife, family and the community.

22 thoughts on “It Happened in My Hood – The Conclusion

  1. I’m speechless…. when things like that happen I always lose the trust in anything. I remember the idiot of German Wings whose suicide claimed 150 lives this spring… It’s scary what goes on inside of some people and the worst is we can’t see it in advance to protect us…


  2. And another thing. It’s bad when we get sucked in because next time something like this happens we start to doubt it. So next time a truly good cop gets hit we ask questions that we shouldn’t have to ask. Sorry to hear the story.


    • You’re very right.
      I really wish our police are people we can look up to. Granted, no one is happy when they get a speeding tix, but when police do their job well, citizen’s lives are saved. I hope this doesn’t jade us, but the wave of the news hasn’t hit everyone yet. I did see a large business that had blue ribbons along their fence, had an employee out removing them.


  3. Well said.

    Almost invariably when a terrible act is committed, family and friends of the perpetrator swear he (or she) would never do anything like that. It never ceases to amaze me how people can’t understand that they can never know with absolute certainty what is going on in the mind of another person (no matter how close he or she is).


    • It just keeps getting worse for the guy. .. Now the FBI has recovered all his phone calls and texts (he didn’t know they could do this? Watch CSI!). Seems he was going to put a hit on the lady that was about to catch him. I even heard his son may also be involved.
      I wish this could have come out before all the fanfare. Now the signs, if not removed, have been marked with “coward”, a$$**** and other nasty things.

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  4. Seattle voted on a ballot initiative to institutionalize a civilian board of review for the Seattle Police. Police have a difficult job, but this initiative puts the review of their actions where it belongs, with the public. Public scrutiny is key to keeping the actions of any public agency transparent to the citizens.


    • That’s a great system! I hope we can get something going like that here in Illinois. We have one of the dirtiest states in politics.
      Sadly, where this guy was involved, it wasn’t his ‘on duty’ actions that got him into this pickle. It was all the stuff no one saw him do that got him in trouble. Everyone loved him here. This was a huge blow, as no one expected it.

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