Bugs Want In!

Insects have many ways of getting through the winter. Some produce antifreeze and tough it out in the elements. These guys want to come inside and sit besides you while you binge watch ‘Bones’.

Ooopsy, I had a mis-ID on this fellow. He is a Leptoglossus oppositus, not an assassin beetle as thought. These guys eat fruit and actually do have a smell they emit if scared.

image image

Ladybug VS Asian Beetle?

• Ladybug is the name of the main group, while Asian beetle is a species of the group.

• Asian beetles are usually larger than most of the ladybug species.

• Ladybugs are native to many parts of the world including Americas, but Asian beetles are native only to Asia.

• Asian beetles have an M or W shape on the pronotum but not in other ladybugs. The photo to the left is an Asian Beetle.

• Some ladybugs are herbivorous but Asian beetles are always voracious carnivores. Herbivorous ladybugs are more serous pests of agricultural crops than the Asian beetles that could contaminate some grapes.


Boxelder Bugs really like the south sides of homes because of their warmth.


The gang is all here!!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

14 thoughts on “Bugs Want In!

  1. That bug with the orange trimmings…. I remember seeing them all over as a child growing up in Kansas. They were pesky and kind of icky. Well, most bugs are. My mother called them democrats and at the time I honestly thought that was their name. It wasn’t until much much later that I realized the significance of that name. After all it was Kansas. lol

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  2. Assassin bug! I see those regularly but never knew what they were (other than scary).

    And if you ever need pictures of boxelder bugs, the front of our house is infested (see also, home faces south).


  3. I cab only think of a few insects that I like and the lady bug is on the list. They can clean up aphids in record time. I like bees and of course butterflies and dragon flies. But it all boils down to a mix a interspecies that keeps nature in balance.


    • Ironically, after talking a couple of entomology classes, my fear of many bugs was lost. The only one I still despise is the skeeter! Ok.. and the asparagus beetles that have taken up residence in my stand. They aren’t too bad to control, I squish them & after harvest, hort soap.

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