42 thoughts on “Pull Your Pants Up!

  1. It used to be that you could tell if someone was a Neanderthal because they were the ones whose thumbs dragged on the ground. Now they are the ones who forget they are putting their pants on while they are only halfway done. And forgetful Neanderthals do need to be reminded often – or they become extinct.

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  2. Myself and a group of MY peers once threatened a group of teenage boys (at a high school football game)…if they didn’t pull up their pants we would let our’s sag and show off our old lady panties!!
    This may shock you…but they pulled their pants up!!


    • Want to know a secret? Supposedly, this fad started in the Illinois prison system. Prisoners didn’t get belts (to use as weapons or nooses) so this happened.
      This is truly a ‘thug’ look, kinda stating you’ve been in prison… Yup, that’s something you want to be proud of. .. 😲


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