Hairy Woodpecker ~ Picoides villosus

This was only about the fifth time I’ve had a hairy woodpecker visit me. Maybe because of their size, they like to eat the suet off the tree, rather than the feeder. I will try attaching more suet to the tree this winter. This technique is supposed to keep the starlings away also.

image  image

Male and female usually keep separate territories in early winter then pairing up in mid-winter, often with the mate from the previous year. Female’s winter territory becomes the nesting territory. Courtship includes both birds drumming in duet, many times including chosen nest sites by the female. The nest site is a cavity (excavated by both sexes), mainly in deciduous trees in east, or in aspens or dead conifers in west. Cavities are usually four to sixty feet above the ground.


This is a Downy Woodpecker. Just a bit smaller, with a rounder head and has black spots on it’s white tail.


© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

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