Breck Gets a Gash

It’s said that dogs don’t have a sense of time. When I’ve only gone to the mailbox, I’m greeted like I was gone for a week! However, sometimes I do question this track of thinking. Every single time one of my dogs have injured themselves, it’s been over the weekend.

While chatting in the garage, I noticed a fresh drop of blood on the floor. I told the Hubby someone was bleeding, everyone gets checked!! Turns out Breck was the winner… Again! It did not look this bad when it happened. We applied pressure and it stopped bleeding, so we thought it was ok. We cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and wrapped it up.

In the morning, we noticed it had opened up and started bleeding again. We shaved the area to get a better look at it. It was a good gash alright. It looked clean though and I’ve now become educated in the right methods of dog gash care!

imageΒ  image

Turns out hydrogen peroxide isn’t all that good for cuts. You might think all that bubbling of hydrogen peroxide on your wound is its germ-killing action hard at work… However, that bubbling isn’t just killing the bacteria in your cut, it’s also killing your body’s fibroblasts, the cells responsible for repairing the wound.

Only use cool water to clean wounds.

Then wrap the area with or without a bit of Neosporin. I really hate ‘coning’ a dog. However, we couldn’t have him ripping off the bandage. My solution was to spray the outer bandage with ‘bitters’ or the no-bite solution. He did lick it, but not enough to get it off.

Three days later, he was all scabbed-up and had put the incident behind him.

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

44 thoughts on “Breck Gets a Gash

  1. Poor old Breck! Cuts on the paw are sore (Poet!) – and can take time to heal. Glad he is all better.
    I must say, I was wondering when you mentioned hydrogen peroxide. I use an antiseptic solution such as Savlon to clean my dogs’ odd cut. LM had somehow cut her Nose once!! There was blood all over the kitchen floor and I couldn’t see at first where it was coming from! But she is always sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong! πŸ˜€


    • Another reason to ditch the peroxide for wound care. I will keep it for my “skunk smell remover” mix tho. It works great when mixed with some dish soap and baking soda. Just not for the face.
      I would love to take a 1st aid pet class. I bet a shelter may be able to do a presentation for a nominal fee (donation) and maybe help some pups on the way!


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