Plant Abuse ~ Move Over Blue Orchid, There’s a New Kid in Town

When I visit Home Depot I always peruse the houseplant section. I usually try to adopt rescue a few plants when I go there.  I was quite taken back when I saw these poor plants. This was worse than the hot glued straw flower on the cactus, even more diabolical than the blue dyed orchid.. I feel so bad that humans have to make plants wear decorations. Can’t we like them the way they are?

Really? Someone needed to dye cactus needles green?! Aren’t they already green? These Desert Gems cactus needles will eventually grow out normal. This method isn’t suffocating the plant though, unlike the poor group on the shelf below…


These are Kosmik Kaktus. These succulents (not cactus) are dipped in a non-water based paint. These will surly not survive for very long. Plants do breath… well, not these plants. I can appreciate the fetish latex paint tho 😉

While surfing the web for answers as to what these marketing gurus were thinking when they deemed plant abuse was a great selling point, I found many folks agreeing with me about this atrocity. There were also optimistic folks that tried to see the good in this, by stating these may bring interest to the ‘non-gardeners’ out there. I feel that any good that came from the day of purchase would be lost when the plant lost its fancy clothes or croaked from slow suffocation.

Good God, what’s next? Pastel dyed chickens?

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38 thoughts on “Plant Abuse ~ Move Over Blue Orchid, There’s a New Kid in Town

  1. Horrific but I suspect a lot of our food is dyed too. Can’t be healthy. Some meat in HK was known to be artificially coloured and too much is potentially carcinogenic. We never learn.


    • I just lost my appetite! 😵
      A conspiracy theory of mine is the gov needs to control our population and needs these small things to take us out, quietly. I wouldn’t be surprised if McD’s was funded by the gov. .. ok, that was a joke. However. …. 😕

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        • I did see the totally automated McD’s. That is not an answer the folks battling minimum wage want to see, however push too hard for something and the house of cards falls. It is a delicate balance as to how valuable someone’s time is. I don’t feel a burger flipper should make the same as an educated person.

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  2. I am wondering your view on the upcoming Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. Always fabulous looking and beautiful to watch. I really never thought about all the plants they dismember or if they really do that. Just wondering………


  3. I dislike it… and all the colored cacti I’ve got were goners. I felt so sorry for the little spiky guys… why we humans always modify things that they look like different things? cacti look like poinsettias, hog skin gets a crocodile print and ice cream tastes like a hamburger… crazy…

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  4. It is so sad to see artificially coloured plants and flowers. They just look so wrong! No idea why they do it – but I guess it goes hand in glove with those pink and blue dyed chicks and baby rabbits! The dyer should be shot! – oh wait, better yet, Dye him purple! 🙂


    • I’m actually a bit surprised I’ve not seen a ‘Chartreuse Choppy’ post 😉 Although I think it’s harmful try to disguise a plant or chick with colors, as when the colors wear off, usually the non-colored object becomes unwanted. On the other hand, I’ve seen some dogs colored pink for breast cancer walks. 🐩 I think if the dye is safe, I’ll think you’re odd, but not cruel.


  5. I don’t like artificially colored/dyed plants, but I get why companies like this are making them. Things are tough in the horticulture industry — by some estimates, the number of local, independent garden centers is dropping by as much as 5 percent per year. And the same trend is happening at a larger scale with wholesale growers who supply plants to these garden centers.

    The sad truth is that the number of true gardeners like us (who see the beauty in plants as they are) is dropping. The horticulture industry hasn’t seen real growth in some 10 years. Someone has to do something to try and reverse this trend.

    Is artificially colored/dyed plants the best way to go about getting people to notice plants? Probably not, but it’s something to get folks to at least notice live plants and think about incorporating them into their homes. If there were more people out there buying plants like scifihammy and leggypeggy, we wouldn’t be seeing these. I wish there was an easy way of getting the country to support horticulture again!!


    • I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, for the most part. I don’t think any industry had seen any growth since 2006 when the country’s economy went to heck in a handbasket. I do know things are recovering, as I am a plant buyer for the landscape contractor I work for. Our business really picked up this year and looks promising for next (yippie!). I know the nurseries I buy from are replanting, something many haven’t done for years. No offense here, but if you’re a youngling, this is how things fluctuate over the years.
      I do feel landscaping is far down the list when folks don’t have money. I guess folks would rather dress well and have the latest cell phone than have a nice shrub in thier yard. Messed up priorities, IMO! 😉

      I do love your optimistic views, tho!! I do agree that (most) anything that gets anyone interested in horticulture is a plus. I just think the latex-covered-gonna-die-quick ones aren’t the answer. The colored needles are a better bet.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving some great thoughts, I really appreciate it! 🌻


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