This is Why I Don’t Have Children…

My co-worker brought her dog to work today. His name is Copper (His Daddy is an electrician… Get it?) I don’t get a lot of work done when my furry friends keep interrupting me. Copper likes to hug me. His Mom says I’m the only one that he does this to. Of course! I’m sure it is because of my great scratching nails and that I have treats in my desk drawer. Dogs, like men are easy… Feed and scratch them and they will be forever yours! Just ask my husband 😉

While Copper was giving me some love, I noticed Mr. Squirrel had stopped by for a snack. I told Copper to take a look and he almost jumped through the glass! Mr. Squirrel was actually quite calm, as he understands the function of glass. This is why I don’t have children. I’m too much of an instigator =-)

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

28 thoughts on “This is Why I Don’t Have Children…

  1. “Copper” is what a policeman was called in the old b & w gangster films of the 1930s, so I’m thinkin’ that dog is being trained for the wrong action – he should become a police dog. A better name for a hunting dog might be “Sport” or “Fetchit” or “Go retrieve your own prey, you murderer!” (just kidding, hunting enthusiasts!). 🙂


  2. I bet that squirrel is having just as much fun tormenting the poor dog. The birds do it to our dogs, swooping through the backyard just out of reach and then play victim. I’m not sure whether “they made me do it” is a suitable line of defence for dogs.


    • HaHa! I think Oreo likes to use the excuse that Breck told him to do it. Oreo knows he’s less gifted in the brains department…
      We have squirrels that live in a tree in the middle of our yard. Crazy. But, I guess living near your enemy’s enemy (other predators) is a good thing..?

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      • Since you posted he squirrel photo and brought your dogs into the discussion, I’ve chosen you to explain squirrel behavior to an Australian who has never seen one. Geoff was in California for 3 months and said they have quite a lot of attitude and are territorial. Borders are also territorial so I thought that could be interesting. Do cats hunt squirrels? I’m all ears xx Ro


        • The squirrels in California were most likely red squirrels, they are territorial. The gray ones we have here are a tad more social. I have grown-up with these little characters (very common to have about 4-5 around a house) and have never experienced them as pests. I used to have them eat out of my hand when I was a kid. Squirrels are much like dogs, IMO. They like to eat and play! They can exhibit great intelligence at times also. Here is a post that will sum things up in the squirrel department:
          And if you need more… enter ‘squirrel’ into my search bar. I write about them a lot.
          Yes, squirrels are on the dinner plate for many predators here; cats, coyotes, hawks/eagles, cars (!) even dogs… 😯


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