Terrarium ~ Succulent Succulents

I think it’s somewhat* healthy to fail. Even when it is something you are good at. My terrarium had taken a turn for the worse. I neglected to water them a bit too often and I was rewarded with brown sticks. Awesome.
So I figured I’d set-up a re-do.
My three new victims terrarium mates:

Golden Sedum – Sedum adolphi is a low-growing succulent plant with pointed dark green leaves. The leaves develop orange or reddish tips when exposed to bright sunlight. Sedum adophi produces white, star-shaped flowers in spring. It can survive a few hours in temperatures as low is 29 degrees Fahrenheit, but is not considered winter hardy except in frost-free locations, such as United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 10 and warmer.

Stone Face – Lithops occur naturally across wide areas of Namibia and South Africa, as well as small bordering areas in Botswana and possibly Angola, from sea level to high mountains. Nearly a thousand individual populations are documented, each covering just a small area of dry grassland, veld, or bare rocky ground. Different Lithops species are preferentially found in particular environments, usually restricted to a particular type of rock.

Graptoveria ‘Titubans’Porcelain Plant is an intergeneric cross between a Graptopetalum paraguayense and an Echevería derenbergii. It has grey-blue leaves that form compact rosettes on creeping stems. It offsets freely producing soon dense carpets or cushions. Grows to about 20 cm tall.

image  image

This time I didn’t take off as many roots from the bottom and built-up the front berm with a retaining wall of smooth pebbles. This allowed for a bit more soil for them to sit in. There is a flat spot on the bottom for shelf placement, however even if I hung this terrarium, the hole would be at the wrong angle. If I were to redesign this just a bit, I would move the hole up just a tad to allow for more of a soil base.


My Mother was a fan of these crystal art pieces. To me, they are super cute, but high maintenance on a shelf, so they were carefully packed away. This one, however gets to spread its wings and enjoy the tropical environment!


Gee, can you tell we have alkaline water here? And maybe if someone didn’t do a half-assed job, they would have cleaned the inside of the glass with vinegar.  I sux. =-P

  • Although the fear of failing life is quite paralyzing!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

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