Merry Dang Christmas or “Enjoy Your Time Off!”


This was a gingerbread house contest entry sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America. This girl sure has a great imagination!!

It’s getting closer to Christmas and I’ve actually hardly noticed! I have been counting down the days until my two week holiday shut-down at work (18th), however not Christmas. I’ve stopped celebrating Christmas and generally ditched my Christian status about 8 years ago. I’ve stopped decorating, buying a tree and garnishing my nails with holiday scenes. My Catholic husband doesn’t seem to care, as he surely doesn’t feel like climbing on the roof to hang lights and right back up to remove them.

I enjoy not having the pressure to exchange gifts or make relatives happy. My father spends most of his winter time in Hawaii and I see my brother often enough for him to spend the holidays with his fiance’s family. He is also a Christmas-season baby like myself, so we’ll hook-up for some pub crawling the weekend after. The lack of pressure also really helps my mental ups and downs.

I have two small glitches to my plan of complete Christmasness… two nephews. I’ll play along for their sake while they are kids, although at 18, they will become adults and no auto-presenting will occur.

This doesn’t mean I’m not generous with my money or time. Although I do give regularly to my favorite charities*, I tend to give a bit to other causes this time of the year. I also love spending time to make wreaths and door swags for the local gardening club, workdays at Volo Bog and organizing toys for the needy.

Anyway, it won’t be long before it is inappropriate to say Merry Christmas. ‘Happy Holidays‘ has been in use for a good 20 years to my recollection, and ‘Merry Christmas’ only first uttered around 1565. The new phrase is to prevent any offense to non-Christians. Recently, I’ve just chose to say, ‘Enjoy your time off!’ As you may not get these religious holidays off in the future, either. Change is inevitable. There were many religions before Christian and there will be many more after it. So…

Enjoy your time off!!!

Volo Bog
Save a Pet
World Wildlife Federation
The Nature Conservancy

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

31 thoughts on “Merry Dang Christmas or “Enjoy Your Time Off!”

  1. I like this gingerbread house, hope it won the first prize :o) we always plan to spend the howl-i-days like the Grinch, but as soon as we see the christmas stuff in the stores we are back to “Mary Christmess”… think that’s called “Pavlov-Reflex” lol


    • Ha ha! Yes, it is hard not to still get into Christmas for some things. I do still love the lights and enjoy seeing them. I love the awesome meals my family cooks up. And especially all the time off! If there was no Christmas, I wouldn’t be getting this time off.
      Merry Christmas! β›„


  2. I’ve made several gingerbread houses, and I’d give that young lady a blue ribbon. Love it. How individuals celebrate and feel about each of the nationally recognized holidays is well…individual. I’m happily celebrating the Christmas season and wish you a nice time off. πŸ™‚


  3. I also say happy Holidays these days. πŸ™‚
    I like your way of doing Christmas; it has become so over-commercialised it has lost all spirit. As long as I get my Birthday presents, I’m happy! πŸ˜€


  4. My husband would love to give up Christmas entirely. He has diminished my joy of it over the years. Now we have a little one of our own so he’s got to suck it up and be merry. Ha!

    I hope my daughter is as creative as the one who did that gingerbread house!


  5. The attack of the dinosaurs! I love the cake/dessert. I still love Christmas though. Still hanging on to some of my faith (but much different than I used to be). Enjoy your time off!


    • I saw a sign the other day, “If history repeats itself, I’m soooo getting a dinosaur!!”
      My faith has changed dramatically also. I have recently been ‘Religion shopping’. I was looking for a religion to match what I feel my beliefs are now. I’m not going to give it away now, however I will have a post about it soon. =-)
      Enjoy YOUR Christmas!!

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  6. Love gingerbread, but no matter how much I love it, I couldn’t bring myself to eat the gingerbread house – it should be embalmed and put in a glass display case for posterity!
    As for “religion shopping,” you might want to check out deism, the non-religion of several of the founding fathers. It seems to fit where you’re at, and, after all, what was god enough for doubting Thomases Jefferson and Paine should be god enough for….whomever? πŸ™‚


    • I’ve never eaten a house before, although I’ve felt like I’ve eaten a house before! HaHa!!
      Thanks for the Deism mention. I did a quick look (as this one slipped by my original religion search) and it looks like a great contender! I have mostly settled on one, however there is a bit of a ‘god’ component to it that is making me waver. I am looking for godless situations. Nature is my god, so you may see where I may be going with my choices πŸ˜‰

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