Dark-eyed Junco – Junco hyemalis

The Dark-eyed Juncos are my little winter friends. They visit my Midwestern area for the mild weather.. Giggle. Considering these guys love the Canadian woodlands, my area would be a nice, mild place to winter.

Dark-eyed Juncos enjoy inhabiting the ground.  They are often found in coniferous forests including pine, Douglas-fir, spruce, and fir, but also in deciduous forests such as maple, aspen, cottonwood, oak and hickory. They hop rather than walk about the bases of trees and shrubs in forests looking for fallen seeds.

imageDark-eyed juncos are unique sparrows that nest on or near the ground in forests.




© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

27 thoughts on “Dark-eyed Junco – Junco hyemalis

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