Tough Dilemmas In a Dogs Life… Dog in Treat Bag

Dilemmas in a dogs life…

I can smell something in here…


I mean, it smells goooood!


Why the hell have I not developed thumbs??


Must. Get. In.




And we’re in!

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34 thoughts on “Tough Dilemmas In a Dogs Life… Dog in Treat Bag

  1. Hahaha you can’t deter a determined Border Collie!

    I’ve taken to placing mouse traps in “problem” locations (like the trash!!!). Atina the Mallinator isn’t actually afraid of them, but she seems to think the trash must be “loaded” since it snaps…! Dogs are such a riot.


      • Oh, she’s not particular. Ends of carrots, celery, that sort of thing…human food, you know. Yesterday I made a batch of dried veggies for soups along the way (I am setting out for the next RV adventure on Sunday), and while I was up to something else, she was up to her haunches in the trash can (no composting anymore since the bears moved in). Good thing there wasn’t anything dangerous in there! Later she yorked up a pile of undigested vegetable matter. Today it’s the mouse trap, since I’ve got all my veggie work done! The good thing is, so far I’ve only had to do the traps once in each forbidden place. Then I leave the sprung trap there as a reminder…I wouldn’t do it with a smaller dog, who might get their little toes hurt! Atina has huge paws and a big blunt nose, so I don’t worry about her getting physically snapped. It just makes a big surprising noise!


        • I’m glad mine are a bit pickier when they attempt to get food. They want my plate. MY PLATE. We eat on our coffee table, which of course is dog height. If you are stupid enough to have to go back into the kitchen for something w/o moving your plate to high ground. .. all you’ll have left is the smell of your food and a full dog. 😠 Well, you’re veggies would be left.
          I like the mouse trap idea and I understand it poses no danger to Atina the Mallinator. It’s awesome that you now can just leave the snapped trap and it still works! Believe me, that
          would work for me… I hate that snappy noise! !

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          • Yes, but….you would have to “set up” a situation for the doggies…like, have a cocked-and-ready mouse trap, sneak it onto your plate, then walk into the kitchen and wait for the SNAP! Plus you’ve got a Border Collie, who would figure that one out, so that would only work once!!! Hmmmm…another good hoax might be to wait in the kitchen with a penny can (you might need a mirror so you can watch while out of sight) and the instant the thieves go for your plate, throw it in their general direction…do this a few times and they will really believe your plate is haunted! Remind me to tell you about my infuriating Appaloosa.. I have a draft about him somewhere.


            • Yes, the trap would need to be set multiple times. .. they are either too smart (knowing the look of an unset trap) or too dumb (it only snaps once). If they want something they get it. The penny can does work, but that takes the human watching for misdeeds… we think they’ve learned and then no, they didn’t!
              Breck has figured out how to open the basement door now. He had chewed the knob, so it it’s all rough. Now he can put his paws on it and turn it. He couldn’t when it was smooth.
              I’ve heard you mention your Appaloosa.. I remember you saying he was a bit of a trickster. I’d love to read about him!


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