Growing ‘Shrooms

imageI found these at Home Depot. These are from “Back to the Roots” and they have other cute, organic things to grow. I though these would make nice gifts for some of my business connections.

The regular farm costs $20. The mini mushroom farm is $10. These kits grow pearl oyster mushrooms in the Pleurotus family.

It was pretty easy to get it going. Cut a cross in the plastic, scratch the white mycelium and soak the bag, upside-down in a bowl of water for 8 hours. After the 8 hours, put it back into the box and prop-it-up. It can be laid down also. Find a great well lit, but not full sun, place to place the box. Be aware not to put it in a location that gets a cold draft or from the heat vent. Like Goldilocks, not too hot and not too cold! The box needs to be watered daily for the 10 days it needs to grow. I left this near my kitchen sink to remind me to water it.

These do need a full 1o days to grow. However, be sure to harvest these right after the 10 days, as my first batch dried up into petrified ‘shrooms. So sad!

  image   image

After 4 days, I started seeing little ‘shrooms! They were so cute. After 10 days, I did indeed have mushrooms.

image  image

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

17 thoughts on “Growing ‘Shrooms

  1. Unless one is clever and knows all about mushrooms it is safer to grow your own than pick field mushrooms. The most common field mushroom in this area has an identical twin. Both look the same, smell the same have the same colour and the same frills underneath. But if you run your finger nail across the top ( and you, Ilex, would need to be careful) the line you make is brown or yellow. The yellow ones make you sick.
    And just for fun

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    • That attachment is a wealth of info on what shrooms 🍄 to eat. . or not to eat 😱! I’m not a huge shroom fan, but I like em with my steak. I did see one on the list that sounded good. .. Lactarius deliciosus… I wonder if it tastes delicious! 😉
      The only ones I’d pick are called Morel – Morchella esculenta. They look like brains on a stick. There is a ‘false morel’ also. ID isn’t that hard. . The real ones are hollow.


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