Oranges ~ A Ball of Sunshine on a Cold Winter’s Day…

I bought this whip of a tree ten years ago for my husband. It’s a Calamondin or a miniature orange tree. It only started blooming and producing oranges about 3 years ago. The first time it bloomed, I only got about three oranges. The next time about nine, however this time there is a good twenty about to orange up! The amazing part about this tree is that it has always started blooming during the time the last set of oranges are ripening. The blooms are heaven to smell. I could stand there and sniff it for hours.

These are not a kind of orange you can eat, however it does have many other uses. I have used the zest and the whole orange to decorate a sweet, orangey snack I make with cream cheese and vanilla wafers… Mmmm. My husband uses the peel in his Old Fashions, a whiskey* drink. I also like to push whole cloves into the skin and toss them on top of my heat vents. It smells like a tea-house in here! Nothing like having a plant that gives you something in the dead of winter! It even looks like a ball of sunshine!!

image  image  image

*Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition: “In modern trade usage, Scotch whisky and Irish whiskey are thus distinguished in spelling; whisky is the usual spelling in Britain and whiskey that in the U.S.”

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

37 thoughts on “Oranges ~ A Ball of Sunshine on a Cold Winter’s Day…

  1. The price of fruits and vegetables is out of sight now. 😦 Bananas have remained about the same. I don’t know how a family with kids survives. We eat a lot of carrots and cabbage. 🙂
    Nice recipe.


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