Chickweed Geometer ~ Haematopis grataria

imageHaematopis is from the Greek “haima/haimatinos” or blood of blood which most likely refers to the pink / red stripes on the wings, which on some individuals, can be as red as blood. He belongs to the Geometridae family.

This little guy was just visiting us in our trailer one day. I think he thought he would look great as a wall art, considering his awesome red stripes. These Chickweed Geometer  (Haematopis grataria) are unmistakable, as there is no other moths that look like it. Honestly, this was the easiest research I’ve ever done for a post…

Mr. Bing?


Yellow moth with red stripes?

Ah, yes. That is a Chickweed Geometer or Haematopis grataria.

Thank you, Mr. Bing.

You’re Welcome.

Although this little guy has some downright nice markings, he really isn’t a special creature that is sought out by moth fanatics. I can say I’ve never seen one before, so he was special to me. =-)

They are found in almost all of North America and into Canada. They can be found flying from May through October and are about 1.5 inches wide. The larvae like to feed on low growing plants including chickweed (Stellaria), smart weed (Polygonum), and clover (Trifolium). All are considered weeds here in the Midwest… and probably beyond.


© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

9 thoughts on “Chickweed Geometer ~ Haematopis grataria

  1. I sincerely was curious how you knew it was a male. 😉 So curious that I spent as least 3 minutes researching. 🙂 Found this on another blog…..somewhere.
    “The plumose (featherlike) antennae indicates this is a male. Females have filiform (threadlike) antennae. ”
    Maybe you determined it another way?

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    • It think it was his deep voice when he said “Hi!” 😉
      I like to assign a gender (right or wrong) because I don’t like saying “it”.
      I missed that tidbit of info on thier antennae… Thanks for extra research! I guess Mr. Bing was holding out on me. Maybe Mrs. Google would have given me a better answer.

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      • Transgender seems to be the thing now. So perhaps……
        Oh. BTW We tried the kale last night and will be adding it to our diet. Found a lot of recipes. Steamed and then stirred into a bowl of olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce and garlic dressing. I think I like just plain steamed. But will add to a stew too. 🙂


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