I’ve Been Qualified!!

2012-06-23 13.26.23Good day Dear Followers!!

I wanted to share my excitement of passing my exam for becoming a Qualified Tree Risk Assessment Arborist!! The test wasn’t horrible, passing was 75% and I pulled off an 89%. I had studied hard with my study-buddies. =-)

And just to add on to the excitement of the day, it’s National Dress Your Pet Day! I can’t say that I dress by guys in anything but necessary wear (coats), however I have had some times reading about poor Choppy and what her Mom dresses her in!!

Enjoy your day & I’ll see you in the reader =-)






78 thoughts on “I’ve Been Qualified!!

    • Eh, technically you don’t need a class/qualification, someone with a bit of tree knowledge can figure out if a tree looks like it will fail soon. It’s more that there’s now a ‘standard measure’ when describing risk and uses words and phrases that span through other risk type assessments. Basically, I learned how to talk like a lawyer! Ha ha!


    • You have that straight! ! Although they are arborists, they sure don’t act like it. They try to cut the tree to retard it 5 years from touching a wire. Since they don’t think about ascetics, the tree turns out looking like a Tanzanian devil pruned it… so sad!


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