Sleep Numbers For Dogs


I think you all know by now that my two Border Collies, Breck & Oreo are my life, my love and my sanctuary. They keep me sane in this crazy world!

I’m not a strict parent. I see no reason my boys should be denied access to furniture… Why else did they name it fur-niture?!?

What I do find funny is that they are very picky as to who’s side of the bed they sleep on when the bed is void of any humans.

We have a Sleep Number bed. If you’re not familiar with the product line, the bed has 2 air chambers which allow both sides to be set at a different levels of hardness. Seems Oreo is like Daddy and enjoys a softer bed, which is a setting of 15. On the other hand, Breck likes sleeping on the hard floor like Mommy, our setting is 65.

I hope they never learn how to turn on the heated mattress pad…

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

31 thoughts on “Sleep Numbers For Dogs

  1. Wow – that is so Orange – and so plush! Looks a great place for the dogs to cuddle. And so funny how they also have ‘hardness’ preferences. I’m like you and need a hard mattress. Lacking any of the fancy air techniques, I have simply put a board under my side of the mattress! πŸ™‚


  2. yes… that is it… it’s called FUR-niture :o) after reading I think I’ve found out why Easy changes the sides of the bed 87 times per night… Marks bed is (much!)warmer and softer than mine… and probably therefore Easy gets baked first before he cools down on my side…

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  3. We were reading and wanting a sleep number mattress, but since we don’t have dogs thought it would just be a waste of $$. I knew there was a good excuse besides being el cheapos. 😦


  4. Totally love this…we have FURniture as well…lol and we have 5 to keep us warm because it can get really cold and I seem to not be able to say NO…but I love them so. Loved your post!!!


  5. Reading this post and all the comments was hilarious. Our dogs don’t sleep inside unless it’s raining. My husband had a waterbed when we met and it followed him into married life. I think it sprung a leak and died just before our daughter was born and the new bed arrived while I was in hospital. It was certainly at an inopportune time. I don’t like an inbetween weight…not too heavy not to light.
    Funny but you remember Carol and Mike Brady sitting in their bed talking on the Brady Bunch? Your dogs reminded me of that.
    xx Ro


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