Red Bellied Woodpeckers – Melanerpes carolinus

In the 5 years I’ve worked here, I’ve seen more varieties of wild birds than I’ve seen in my ENTIRE life!! I guess my eyes were always focused on the ground, looking at plants. In the last few years, I have tried to become more familiar with the animals and birds that enjoy the plants also.

Until this winter, I’ve not seen a male red-bellied woodpecker at my feeders. I’m so happy my girls finally have some male company. I know there are at least three different females that visit, mostly because they range in size.

I like to wedge the half used suet chunk in the crack of the maple. Many birds can feed on it this way. The woodies do rule the roost and will scare others away.

image   image

Here’s one of my girls. The way to tell them apart is the red crest on the females head does not reach her beak.

image   image

Here’s Mister. He looks to be a nice, healthy boy!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

16 thoughts on “Red Bellied Woodpeckers – Melanerpes carolinus

    • I never saw any near my house, but they come to the feeders at work daily. I think if I paid attention at home and feed them, I’d see them.
      Granted, I sit in front of a window for 8 hours at work. .. I’m bound to see them!


    • Only when the tree already has issues. If there isn’t any bugs in the tree they have nothing to peck for and find a tree that does have yummy squishy bugs in it . You could possibly say they can help a bug infested tree, by eating the pests, but usually there are more bugs than birds.

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