Stop the TPP!!

There are many things we don’t know about the Trans Pacific Partnership because our government is keeping the information behind closed doors. So far, what has been speculated to be included in the partnership is downright scary, in my opinion! Lifesaving drugs won’t be allowed to have a generic, less costly version, internet speeds will lessen and your internet provider will be able to track your every search. Other countries will be able to sue the United States for profits lost due to our stronger regulations. Paygrades will also go down to meet the standards of other countries in the partnership. SomeΒ Vietnamese workers make less than 65 cents an hour… And we complain about our $7.25?!? If you were for a McDonald’s worker making $10 an hour, this partnership would squash that.

There is no reason that this trade agreement should be hidden from the American public!!

Please go to any of the many websites that have petitions to sign against it, call your representative or even reblog this post πŸ˜‰

Although we only had until January 13th to speak publically about it, there are still things you can do to help stop TPP.


17 thoughts on “Stop the TPP!!

    • Personally, I feel the news is bias in one way or another.
      This is also not a dem/rep thing, both parties are split on this. It’s Obama that wants to pass it and has fast tracked it through. He also PROMISED specifically NOT to try to pass this in 2008. Sadly, a new president can’t fix this if implemented.

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  1. I didn’t know about this, but I see SA is not included. USA is such a massive superpower, that I assume it will always do just what it wants. All our email goes via USA!
    Expecting to have a similar salary in different countries doesn’t make sense. I am sure it is much more expensive to live in USA than Vietnam. It is certainly cheaper here in SA and our salaries are much less.
    I’d really be watching out for China.
    Making it all so secret is very worrying!


    • I’m really not political and only pay attention to certain things that I feel are really bad.
      Yes, I feel we are a super power (for now) but this will knock us down a few notches.
      The fact that pharmaceutical drugs will run on an indefinite patent and generic drugs won’t be available is enough for me to hate this partnership. Money shouldn’t factor living.
      Forgive my lack of correct names here, but I think the Chinese politician that was to sign this just got busted for taking bribes from the companies for this partnership. What does that tell you? To me, it surely means the others didn’t get caught taking bribes yet!
      Yes, China basically owns the U.S. If they were to call in all the loans we have with them, we’d be in huuuuge trouble.
      And if that’s the case. .. do you have a spare room I can rent? πŸ˜‰

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          • haha I just meant with the Rand plummeting you’d get an awful lot for your dollar. R16 to one dollar at the mo!
            But then once you were here, you’d earn a pittance like the rest of us! πŸ˜€


            • I found this (With only a bit of searching, let me know if I’m way off):
              In November 2014:
              the average price of small homes (80-140 sq. m) was ZAR852,000 (US$73,710)
              the average price of medium-sized homes (141-220 sq. m) was ZAR1,191,000 (US$103,038)
              the average price of large homes (221-400 sq. m) was ZAR1,814,000 (US$156,937)
              This has got to be VERY basic.
              My ‘small home’ a 1,000 SF / 93 SQM) could be sold for about US$300,000.
              Yes, I’m sure salaries are lower, but that is usually how it goes. You’d have to have a huge savings to just go pop off a ‘cheap’ house in another country.

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              • I’m a bit confused – the sizes are just for the house? I’ve not seen them advertised this way. Also depends Where you were buying.
                Most houses here with a garden are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages. You’d mostly pay over R2 million.
                The rich overseas visitors tend to buy massive mansions in expensive areas for R10 to R40 million – SA’s can’t afford them.
                Your 300,000 US dollars would get you about R4.8 million. (I think your conversions are a bit off). So you’d get a Very nice house with large property in a nice area. πŸ™‚
                Tho you’d not get the size of garden you have where you are now – limited space in CT due to the mountain and the sea!!


                • I figured it would be hard to convert housing pricing not only between areas, but then have a conversion of money also. 😨 ahh! Math!?!
                  I found that info in a blog (I didn’t convert the $$) I think it only meant to cover the price of the home and not the property?? If that is the case, yes, my house would be lower (say $175,000 us) the rest is propery, which I have an acre (about 4,045 Sq meters).
                  I hear many of my clients go to The Cape for winter. Thier houses are average 2.5 million here. Ironically, less property than me 1/4-1/2 of acre.
                  I can imagine, just like here, it’s location, location, location!

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                • Well I remember you said prices were from Nov 2014? And the Rand has recently plummeted against the dollar – so explains a lot.
                  Sites in CT are rarely much over 1000 sq m. The SA prices would be house and property – it is never advertised otherwise, unless a vacant plot!
                  My head hurts, I’m going to eat chocklit!
                  Have a lovely weekend πŸ˜€


    • Are you guys having a lot of chatter about this? Our news is keeping it quiet… too quiet!
      The parties are split, it’s not a Democratic/Republican thing, it’s obama that wants this. He’s out of office this November when we have our vote.
      Ironically, Donald Trump isn’t doing too bad in the poles. He may win as so many folks are so pissed at the crap the big O has done to our fine nation. I’ve not heard of anyone better running. ..good for bad, I may vote for him. I don’t think it could get any worse than our last 8 years. ..


  2. Any agreement negotiated in secret needs to be suspect and this agreement is particularly scary because all the participating countries seem to be honouring this secrecy. What exactly is in there that they don’t want to be made public?!

    If there was any evidence that the world is quickly falling under the control of corporate interests, this agreement would be it.

    … and we all know exactly how concerned the typical corporation is of the average person :/


    • Sadly. The superpowers (big cheeses in charge) have all signed it last week. HOWEVER! They all have to have all of thier governments pass it. Our congress has not passed it, so we still have a small chance to kill it.
      Not picking on anyone in particular. … But when a politician (Hillary in this case) gets paid $350,000 to speak at the Monsanto headquarters, what exactly is she saying worth that kind of cash?!? Seriously. She’s not a scientist. I guess she would fall under PR (public relations) and how they can sell out the US citizens. So sad!

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