Dilemmas in a Dog’s Life

The boys really like their stuffing-less furry toys. Of course, after Mom takes the squeaky out of it!

These are ‘inside toys’ and thus, don’t go outside… most of the time. Mom has to remind the offender, usually Oreo, to ‘leave it inside’. This toy happened to make it as far as the garage the other night. Then, Mom didn’t realize that it had gotten past the threshold and into the great outdoors. As it has been pretty cold out these past few days, the spit-filled fur toy made quick work freezing to the cement. Mom noticed the frozen furry and couldn’t help having some fun with the little guy.

Get it Oreo! Come on Oreo!! Ha Ha Ha!!



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ยฉ Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

37 thoughts on “Dilemmas in a Dog’s Life

  1. Well, no chance of anything freezing here, although the way the weather’s been , you never know. It was sun-storm-sun today. I hadn’t considered the dramas of dog toys in the snow before and I’m coming to appreciate the difficulties of relieving themselves too.
    Bilbo is supposed to leave his ball outside but it inevitably finds its way in. It’s funny because somebody will be in a mood or we’re having a “discussion” and you’ll hear this bounce, bounce, bounce and it really sounds funny. He’s like the court jester.
    I can see why you called your BC Oreo. Really has that colouring.
    Hope you have a great weekend xx Rowena


    • I could imagine a toy possibly becoming too hot to chew down there, but frozen, nah! I bet your two like ice cream? Ours get ‘dog ice cream’ its not sweetened, but essentially just milk. Great on a hot day!
      The tennis balls are outside balls. When they do come in, they want to ‘de-fuzz’ them (Check #3 of the past Dilemma’s) Why they don’t do this outside is a mystery.
      Oreo came with ‘Oreo’ and we kept it. We laugh that 4 letters can be 3 syllables. By the time you’ve said his whole name, he’s out of hearing distance ๐Ÿ˜‰ He has many nicknames: O-ster, Fatty-fat-fat, Nudge, Mama’s Boy. He doesn’t care what you call him, as long as you call him!

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      • He sounds lovely! Bilbo seems to be giving his tennis balls more respect in his old age. I’d forgotten how he used to defur the balls and become so desperate to chase the ball, that he’s even chase a strip of fur. Maniac!
        My husband used to call Bilbo fat dog but he’s since lost around 14 kilos and is lean. Lady, has gained what he lost.


  2. Just imagine going through life with no idea what 15 F is really like. I think the coldest winter I can remember got down to 30 F. The snow and ice on the ground just reminded me it’s time to defrost the deep freezer to find something for dinner tonight.


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