Free Acid Trip or How to Enjoy a Migraine Visual Aura

I had my first experience with a Migraine Visual Aura yesterday morning. This video is EXACTLY what I saw.
Let me start by saying I don’t get headaches.
When I first noticed the blurry spot, I thought I had looked into the bright sun. However, it’s usually a red dot (to me) and this was blurry. It was also not going away as fast as it normally takes for eyes to adjust to light. I started seeing the prism effect and asked WebMD if my head was going to blowup! Luckily, I was still able to read about what is happening to me, and to Remain Calm and Acid Trip On!
When people hear migraine, they generally think headache, which is only one of many symptoms of a migraine. These little light shows are another symptom. Scientists haven’t really came up with the cause of migraines, however in layman’s terms, it’s like a tsunami of blood pressure in your brain that washes over it. Because I saw this in both eyes, the correct term is migraine with visual auras. Which means the tsunami was in my brain, which caused the vision to be seen in both eyes. This is a common occurrence and is generally not treated.
Now, had I seen this in only one eye, the tsunami was only behind the eye, very localized and time to go to the retinal specialist. These are called retinal migraines.
Whew. Dodged that bullet!

Ilex Farrell

43 thoughts on “Free Acid Trip or How to Enjoy a Migraine Visual Aura

  1. that’s interesting, many thanks for sharing. I never noticed that while a meow-graine attack, but maybe just because I had no clue that it exists… Sadly the headaches are just one effect… there is much more what calls for my little red bucket and a complete day in darkness…


  2. It took some guts for me to read this post!
    I get a horrible visual aura, with complete absence of vision sometimes – it isn’t even a blur, it is nothing – but mostly with flashing black and white stripes that make you so nauseous. Then the most excruciating pain you can imagine.
    I just crawl into a dark room and wait till the next day.
    So – you didn’t get pain? Lucky you.

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    • I did see a few other videos of different auras that are experienced. The flashy B&W lines would have had me blowing chunks! Didn’t even watch the whole video. I have never had a migraine, let alone a bad headache. I took advil (haha butter knife to a gun fight) in hopes to stop the pain if it did come. Luckily, I was just tired. I did have a slight anxiety attack, thinking I was going blind tho!! πŸ™ˆ
      I feel for you! I have experienced chronic pain (endometriosis) and know it can just take you down. 😒
      I hope the scientists can figure out how these happen and give many folks relief!

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  3. My, a frighting thing to have happen. I have never had a migrraine headache. Have had some pretty awful headaches though. There are so many physical things that can happen to our bodies, it makes you wonder how some of these folks in their 90s ever reach that age. Hope nothing gets worse for you with your eyes. Sight problems have to be awful.


    • I did freak out a bit, but I’m great at Internet searching and was able to know what was happening before the spot got bigger than a few inches.
      I do have retinal holes and thought it may be related, but no. The best part was that there was no pain! I surly was lucky!

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  4. Whew, that is trippy! Did you get the headache to go along with the aura?

    Who made that video, and how did they do it?

    In the early days of migraines they treated them with a combination of caffeine and ergotamine, derived from the crop fungus ergot. If you weren’t tripping before that, you sure were after you took it! Ergot being a natural source of LSD, and all.

    Hope you quit having migraines. There’s no percentage in it πŸ˜‰


  5. I think if I ever saw a blurry hole in my vision, I’d have myself convinced I was going blind and have a full-on anxiety attack. I have problematic eye problems to begin with and this would not help.

    I do get very bad headaches which can make me really nauseated. I’m more inclined to be ultra sensitive to sound than I am to have vision issues though.


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  7. Sorry to hear you had such an event. Among other triggers to look for are a specific food, or ingredient. For me, Nutrasweet (aspartame) is a trigger. And it is much more likely to trigger an event for me in the summer, when I’m on hayfever meds, than in the winter. So it took a long time to figure out what it was. Though I avoid foods with aspartame in it, sometimes it sneaks in, like in salad dressing in a buffet line. And then sometimes, I can’t find any trigger. Fortunately, like you, I don’t get the headache. I just have the pixelation and the marching ants, and sometimes some accompanying nausea. So, now you have one more thing to track in your life.

    Personally, I hope you don’t get any more data points. Well, I have to go check my blood pressure now… Isn’t getting old grand?

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    • Interesting to hear a man with the same issue! (Or are you writing this Mongo? !) That throws a mix into things. I’m guessing mine are hormonal, and banking that my ‘ingredient’ is estrogen. My theory will be proven/disproved this week. I don’t disagree with you, as this is a whole new thing to me. If the timing doesn’t pan-out for hormones, I’ll get off the fake sugar.
      Ooh! Nausea would be fun. . Not. If anything, not being able to drive is enough for me.
      Thank you so much for sharing! I don’t feel so left out anymore πŸ˜‰

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