Why Do I Buy Dog Beds?

I was at Camping World last week and saw this dog bed for the phenomenal price of $15.00. Although I do have two dogs, I do like to try only one at a time to be sure it is liked at least by one. If both like it, well then I will go back for a second. The funny part is that no one has claimed it yet. No one has chewed it up either, something I have to at least address when offering a fuzzy thing to them. They like their ‘spots’, Breck’s has many, but mostly the chaise in my boudoir and Oreo likes our bed.

My border collie’s must be thinking: “Why does she keep putting these half-assed, foam-covered, faux fur things on the floor? I mean, its nice to rub your face on the fur to get all the dried slobber, snot, eye-buggers and human lip gloss off… But, does she really want us to lay on it when the human fur-nature is so much better? Duh.

I guess I may try to use it in the camper. It would make for a nice rug for next to my bed =-)

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

50 thoughts on “Why Do I Buy Dog Beds?

  1. good question… I bought them in vain too… but the good news is, this christmas Easy used one of his dog beds the first time….and for ginormous 5 minutes! … I bought it in 2009… good things come to those who can wait huh?

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  2. Well of course. You like sleeping in real comfort don’t you? So do the dogs. “Little ole” beds don’t allow your dogs to be close to their humans. They are pack animals and in general, I think, prefer to be close to those they love. At least mine do. Mine have beds outside my bedroom door.

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  3. Our dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture unless they’re on a lap. Bilbo has his dog bed in his kennel, which he loved and Lady has blankets in hers. Before Lady arrived, Bilbo used to just sleep on the floor but she was used to rugs and I suspect a basket. So now there’s the kids old cot quilt. They both sleep on it although the tiles also have appeal at the moment with the heat. Lady likes to be more pampered!xx Rowena


  4. I don’t let Bitsy on the couch… but somehow I still find hairs there when I come home from work… She also loves to shred any of the doggy beds I get for her. The one with the foam beads in it was the worst. She looked polka dot. That was a nightmare to clean up.


  5. It appears our dogs have yet another thing to discuss amongst themselves. I should really stop wasting money on dog beds, and yet I don’t. I feel that I will eventually come up with something Choppy likes (though I suspect this will only happen when she is too old to jump on anything better. That’s more giving up than it is actually enjoying a dog bed).


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