No Mail Again…


I’m not sure why our mailbox at work is so attractive for trucks to run over. This is the second time, last time it was a snowplow, this time it was the dumpster truck. It fell on its face so I couldn’t get the outgoing mail out that day. The mail lady pulled up shortly after I took this photo. She just shook her head.

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

29 thoughts on “No Mail Again…

  1. Funny in a way. Out here in the country people throw bricks or rocks from cars just to see if they can destroy some poor soul’s mailbox. Think it is teenagers passing by on their way home from school. Did have a lady come down the road, run off the road, jump over our driveway, knock out the whole front fence on our property and miss the mailbox. My husband and I repaired the fence and her insurance company paid for the materials. Think you should put it on a spring like Animalcouriers said. lol


  2. I have mine mounted on a pivot. If a car hits it it swings out of the way. It only swings about 90* so the mail man can still reach it.


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