Phavorite Photos from 2015 – Part 2

Here is the long awaited Part deux!

wpid-wp-1440982475648.jpg  wpid-wp-1440982475914.jpg

Ah, Monarch butterflies on Joe Pye weed. I haven’t seen so many since I was a small child. We used to find the cocoons and allow them to hatch in front of our eyes.

wpid-wp-1442280876698.jpg  wpid-wp-1441492364501.jpg

These were from the Garden of the Gods in Illinois. To the left is the Devils Smokestack. On the right, allow your imagination to run wild. =-)

wpid-wp-1442156555822.jpg  wpid-wp-1440208692052.jpg

I enjoyed fall at the Brownie Haus. They, like my muse, have gone south for the winter.

The coyote was an interesting sight.

wpid-2015-08-05-18.54.32.jpg.jpeg  wpid-20141025_114822.jpg

I have a camerone, which means I do not have a zoom lens. If I get a macro shot of something, it means that I was within 2 feet of the subject. Most plants don’t mind this and pose for me. Mobile things generally want to get away from the pink, hairless gorilla looming overhead. This Cloudless Sulphur was enjoying the shade I was providing.

Hmm, seem to have slipped another waterfall photo from the Japanese Garden. I’d love to see this out my back door.

Hubby and the boys in the middle of the actual Cave-in-Rock. Very fun and peaceful place.

wpid-wp-1441636085586.jpg   wpid-20141025_115822.jpg

This little guy Green Treefrog – Hyla cinerea was a rare treat to see. I will always remember you Kermit!

Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’ known as ‘The Full Moon Maple’ or “Golden Full Moon maple”. So beautiful.

wpid-wp-1444614417785.jpg  wpid-20151005_140310.jpg

These were taken at the Gross Reservoir / Dam and South Border Creek ~ Colorado. These are the ultimate favorites of mine from 2015.


This one was on the way up to the Fourth of July Trail head.


Am I officially old if I think this is funny????

Copyright – Ilex Farrell

27 thoughts on “Phavorite Photos from 2015 – Part 2

    • Easy… I’ve seen some of your DIY projects. Let’s just say you may need to work on your ‘constuction’ skills, as your ‘destruction’ skills are spot on!
      Butt, learn from Mom. Dad needs to learn some safety skills 😨😮


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