Cellar Spider ~ Pholcus phalangioides


Cellar Spider ~ Pholcus phalangioides

Octavia, as I like to call her, visits me in the winter. She loves to hang out on my bathroom walls, enjoying the sauna-like atmosphere. She wasn’t exactly feeling the love for the camera tho today and continued to cross the ceiling looking for a spot to set-up shop (sorry for the unclear photos). Spiders like Octavia don’t make sticky, geometrically perfect webs. Her kind, who are also part of the same family Daddy long-legs are in, make erratic tangles of non-sticky threads which captures prey by getting tangled in it.

Just like Daddy long-legs, cellar spiders are not poisonous to humans. Don’t believe the story that they are, but their fangs are too small to pierce human flesh. Hee Hee, I have A bridge I want to sell you then.

Don’t judge her on her size either. While on a whole, she’s only about an inch and a half, her body is less than a 20th of that. She will whip-out a can of whoop-ass and take down some nasty spiders that can and will kill a human. So, don’t go at her with a tissue or shoe, this girl is looking out for you.

Cellar spiders are also known as vibrating spiders, as when they feel threatened, they will start a frenzied, gyrating dance. I’m guessing this scares away potential enemies or makes them harder to see.Β  It worked for me at the bars πŸ˜‰

imageΒ Β  image

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

24 thoughts on “Cellar Spider ~ Pholcus phalangioides

  1. Spiders always give me the hebee geebies but I always leave them be! Before we had chickens we used to have hundreds of daddy long leg spiders on our farm, unfortunately the chickens think they are a tasty treat!


  2. I believed that daddy-long-leg myth until like a year ago! When I was six, my seven-year-old cousin told me it… at six, a seven-year-old is apparently all the authority it takes to teach you about spiders. Thanks for sharing, I see these critters in the basement a lot, good to know their an ally.


  3. I like the all bark and no bite version as I had to endure a 2 inch hole gutted from my knee from a not so friendly spider and my mother could here my screams while she waited in the lobby because no amount of pain killer worked against the poison in my leg…yikes a definite fear after that, but I still try not to go after the Daddy long legsπŸ˜‰


    • OUCH on the half-a-knee removal =-O
      When I moved to Florida, I learned about the brown recluse spider, those guys can pack a punch.
      As a Midwesterner, I have never paid for an exterminator, but down there, he came by monthly.
      Glad you survived and let ‘good’ spiders do their thang!


  4. Methinks I have been thinking that these guys are the same as Daddy Long Legs for a long time. So, based on the pics, the Daddy Long Legs are the ones with the round looking bodies, and these are long-bodied? Or is there some other difference/am I completely off on this?


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