Corn Beef n Baked Cabbage n Squishy Water*?


Once a girl from the Midwest
Thought wine with food was the best
Her blood pressure went high
Script pills she now buys
Sad she can’t drink like the rest

Yup. Seems the prescription I’m on makes me the lightest of light-weights in the drinking department. One glass of wine makes me feel like I’ve drank a bottle quite rapidly. Whoosy, seeing double, nauseous… No favs of mine!! So, I can’t enjoy my meals with wine for a short time, but I can still share an awesome recipe.

Before you note I’m eating Corned Beef. SHUT UP! It’s St. Patrick’s day and I’ll eat corn beef if I want to. =-P

However, the cabbage is salt free and super awesome. I will give you that recipe. I’m assuming by now you’ve learned how to cook the corned beef….

imageBaked Cabbage

Fire up the oven to 350F

Leave the core in the cabbage and cut it into 16 wedges. The core helps it stay together while cooking. If you screw-up on the cutting, just cook them a bit longer.

Melt about 3 tbsns butter and add 3 tbsns olive oil. Baste cabbage.

Add as much garlic as you like. I like a lot. Garlic is the new salt!

Toss in oven about the same time you’re putting the beef on. It will take about an hour.

Half way through baking, flip and baste again. Add more garlic if you’d like. I do.

I like to finish these off with a quick broil. The outer burnt pieces taste like potato chips to me. I will be trying to make a pan of these ‘cabbage chips’ in the future. I’ll let you know!!

Hope you enjoy!


*Squishy water

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

31 thoughts on “Corn Beef n Baked Cabbage n Squishy Water*?

  1. Good luck with the weight loss. I’ve never needed to diet. Always been about 118-120 lbs. But I’ve had hypertension since I was I my 50’s. I hate the dang pills. They cause fatigue but oh well- it could be worse. I hope you can go back to eating and drinking what ever you choose.

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  2. Sorry to hear you are on a restrictive diet. It’s a double edged sword. You’ll live longer if you eat right. But then, what’s the point in living longer if you can’t have any fun?

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