Monday Memories ~ April 11, 2016

The Skinny on Skinny Trees – Columnar / Fastigiate Trees

tree and ballsColumnar or fastigiated trees make great candidates for landscape areas where space is restricted such as in parkway strips, between the sidewalk and driveway, or near the corner of a building. Many of these trees can also be used as a privacy screen. Columnar trees are also recommended for parking lots where outward branching can get in the way of vehicles. Be sure to check the salt tolerance factor of the tree before planting in a parking lot.


Ilex VS. Winter Damage

imageWinter burn happens when plants dry out during the winter. Even during the colder months, evergreens continue to lose water vapor through their needles, which are modified leaves. The plant attempts to replace the water by pulling it from the roots. However, when the ground is frozen, the roots cannot absorb enough water to supply it to the dry needles. If the weather turns breezy, warm and sunny while the ground is still frozen (like today, in the Midwest), evaporation from the needles increases and water cannot be replaced fast enough. Discolored, brown or burnt -looking foliage may start to appear when this happens. In fact, winter burn indicators typically develop during warm weather in late winter and early spring.

Winter damage is often misdiagnosed as a disease or as damage from excessively cold temperatures. The damage which starts at the tips, is brown or rust-colored and generally on the side of the plant facing the sun and/or the side exposed to the wind, where the rate of evaporation from the needles or leaves is greatest.

2015 Warmest Winter… EVER!!

djfinseNOAA says that December through February – for meteorological record-keeping purposes, winter is defined as those three months in the Northern Hemisphere – was 1.42 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th-century average for all land and ocean areas. This tops the previous warmest winter of 2007 by 0.05 degrees Fahrenheit. Global temperature records are available for the period 1880-2015.

I’m going to be curious if we’ll give 2015 a run for its money for 2016 on temps.

35 Water Saving Methods in the Gardenrain barrel
  1. Water lawns during the early morning when temperatures and wind speed are the lowest. This reduces evaporation and waste. Watering in the evening can leave leaves wet all night, promoting disease problems. Better yet. DON’T WATER THE LAWN AT ALL!!! It doesn’t die, it goes dormant.

  2. Start a compost pile or scrape food into the trash instead of running your garbage disposal*, which requires a lot of water to work properly. Use the compost to improve the quality and water holding capacity of your soil. *Save yourself from having the plumber out also!!

  3. Do not leave sprinklers or hoses unattended. Your garden hose can pour out 600 gallons of water or more in only a few hours, so don’t leave the sprinkler running all day. Use a kitchen timer to remind yourself to turn it off.

22 thoughts on “Monday Memories ~ April 11, 2016

  1. Interesting post πŸ™‚
    I don’t doubt world temps are still rising.
    And with water restrictions here we are only allowed to water for one hour before 10 am, or after 4 pm, on 3 days a week. Luckily we had some rain the other week, which saved my plants in the nick of time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. my beloved boxtree died from winter damage, although we put it in a bucket with water, cut it back and tried every trick we found in world wide web :o( the mean thing is that I had two to decorate the stairs to my garden and with only one it looks weird :o(

    Liked by 1 person

      • I had it for 5 years and my mother spend 87 hours to give it a fabulous cut in fall…. that really stinks, it’s probably impossible to get one what fits to the survivor…. we removed the survivor from the pot and planted it directly on my lawn… maybe they were too big for a pot after that years?

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        • Sometimes it can get too cold for the roots in a pot. Also, it may not have gotten enough water. Growing anything other than annuals in containers is tough, unless you put 87×10 hours of attention into it. I’m sure you may be able to find a replacement at the same size, however it may cost you big bucks!


    • Welp. That’s actually a pretty large question IMO πŸ€“
      All types really get the job done, however you need to think about how much compost you make & what you’re going to use it for. If you want to compost all of your grass clippings, it’s not big enough. Or do you even make enough organic waste to compost? With all the property you have, I’d think a pile in the far back yard would do just fine and spend your money on pretty flowers! 🌺🌻🌼🌹 Did that ramble help?

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  3. We water the yard when it rains. πŸ˜›
    But our area is considered “subtropical”, so plenty of rain. Except for the Dog Days. Then everything is burnt, scorched, brown, crunchy, and shriveled. Only vegetable gardens get watered then because nobody wants to be in that heat long enough to water anything else!


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