Burning the Asparagus Beds

imageimageI started weeding out the asparagus only to stand-up after one square foot with sore fingers and knees. The beds had gotten full of creeping Charlie and wild strawberries. Both are not the worst weeds in the world to have, however, at my age, weeding is no fun whatsoever!

I laid on the grass, staring up at the blue sky thinking about how long this was going to take me to do when I had an epiphany… I think I saw something in the garage that might help me out.

I’m assuming this piece of equipment is for burning weeds. It sure worked well IMO. Yes, the weeds were flush with water and the temperatures have been perfect for growing, which made them a bit stubborn to burst into flames. However, I was determined to have ashes and no weeds. Heck, It’s even organic!

Doing this was almost as boring as it was hard work to pull them by hand. Although afterward, you didn’t have pulled or sore muscles. We decided it worked so well on the asparagus, that after burning our two beds, I moved onto our garden. Last year I didn’t plant any veggies as I was putting my time into the front ornamental bed. All the hoses, equipment etc, was all up front. I did get a few free-bees in the form of tomatillos and tomatoes. We even got some rouge asparagus growing in there! This year we will plant about half of it with quick, easy veggies like spinach, carrots, beets and tomaters.

wp-1459719239688.jpg  image


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20 thoughts on “Burning the Asparagus Beds

  1. I agree about weeding being back-breaking work. I can only do a short stint at a time. But I never thought of burning the weeds off!
    Hmmm – I think if I try that over here, in the middle of our drought, my whole garden and house would go up in flames!

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    • Ah. Oh. Ok. I should have put a caveat in here that if your Pawrents are to try to do this that they suit-up in firemen gear, that includes a hat and goggles. Mom has to have the hose handy also! And you Easy, have the fire department on hold. You can’t be too careful!
      I don’t want to read in your blog the 87 ways the fire burned down your crib!! 😉


  2. Need to get out and do something to our asparagus bed. Gardening is hard on old legs and knees, as I also know. Love just picking a sprig of asparagus and eating it raw, so good for you.


  3. What a great idea! We need to get one of those! A farm down the road from town burned his barn down by supposedly trying to burn his Asparagus beds. I thought, who would burn their garden beds. Guess it’s not so crazy after all!


  4. Oo, targeted burning! I know my parents used to control burn their woods to keep the brush from getting too wild, and of course the added bonus of all the good that ash does for plants. It seems quite logical that the ash might be good for a normal ol’ garden as well. As clumsy as I am, I’d have to do it either before planting or after. Popcorn is only good if the corn is ripe in the first place! 😉


  5. Ugh, weeding. I really want to burn all my weeds now. I know you said it was boring, but it just seems like it couldn’t be.

    Sadly, I missed my parents burning off their prairie last week (apparently, the fire department came by rather unexpectedly). It’s always awesome to see it.

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  6. We have some asparagus too. Unfortunately some animal loves it too!
    I cannot bring myself to eat canned asparagus anymore. I found a can with white botulism in it. Good thing we didn’t eat it.
    Hubby burns too. We burn to keep down the ticks and chiggers. They can get bad. And weeds too.
    Now im waiting for the mosquitoes. ….I plan on screening in the porch.

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