How to Find Non Monsanto Seeds

monsanto-you-are-what-they-feed-you It’s so hard these days to keep up with what foods are tainted with Monster-santo products. Harder still is finding organic, non-GMO seeds when you’re ready to plant your own poison-free garden. You can always propagate seed from the veggies you currently grow by following the directions found here, however what if it’s your first year gardening? Who is safe too buy from?? I hope to clear this up for you with this handy list =-)

Things do change fast, Monster-santo likes to buy out or contaminate organic farmers constantly, so while I can be sure this list is current at publishing (6/2016), please double-check the information if you’re reading this post long after this. I will try to repost/revise this yearly.

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Some companies, like Burpee’s, wanted to be sure that they spoke out about their strong reasons for staying away from Monsanto. Read Burpee’s post about not being affiliated with GMO’s or Monsanto.


Audubon Workshop
Breck’s Bulbs
Cook’s Garden
Earl May Seed
E & R Seed Co
Ferry Morse
Flower of the Month Club
Gardens Alive
Germania Seed Co
Garden Trends
Jung Seed Genetics
Lindenberg Seeds
McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers
Mountain Valley Seed
Park Bulbs
Park’s Countryside Garden
R.H. Shumway
Seeds for the World
Seymour’s Selected Seeds
Spring Hill Nurseries
T&T Seeds
Tomato Growers Supply
Totally Tomato
Vermont Bean Seed Co.
Wayside Gardens
Willhite Seed Co.
American Seeds
De Ruiter
Diener Seeds
Fielder’s Choice
Gold Country Seed
Heritage Seeds
Hubner Seed
Kruger Seeds
Lewis Hybrids
Rea Hybrids
Stone Seed
Western Seeds



Amishland Seeds
Annapolis Valley
Aravaipa Heirlooms
Baker Creek
Burpee Seeds
Bountiful Gardens
Heritage Seed Company
Diane’s Flower Seeds
Ed Hume Seeds
Garden City Seeds
Heirlooms Evermore Seeds
Heirloom Seeds
Horizon Herbs
J.W. Jungs
Johnny’s Seedsextra help from monsanto
Landreth Seeds
Lake Valley Seeds
Livingston Seeds
Local Harvest
Mountain Rose Herbs
Organica Seed
Park Seeds
Sand Hill Preservation Center
Seeds of Change
Seeds from Italy
Siski You Seeds
Southern Exposure
Sunshine Farm (Canada)
Sustainable Seed Co
Territorial Seeds
Tiny Seeds
TomatoFest Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Underwood Gardens
Uprising Seeds
Virtual Farm Seed Co
Wildseed Farms

Please let me know if you would like to add any knowledge to either list in the comments!! Thanks!!

Let’s hope this is true!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

31 thoughts on “How to Find Non Monsanto Seeds

  1. Yes, you are what you eat. This world is all mixed up – the government is trying to kill all of us with their rules and regulations on bad food products. We order our garden seeds every year from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Mansfield, Missouri.

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  2. Have you noticed they say on commercials on tv how they are non gmo food, meat, and everything is cool.
    Umm… people might believe that BUT, have you ever worked in a food manufacturing plant?
    They do not change overnight.
    And I don’t believe the labels. Labels are easier to print up.
    I get seed from Baker too. Sometimes I worry about them even. We still have the chemtrails. And it will affect plants.
    I’ve noticed many things outside not looking right.
    Too much of our food is bad. The only thing a person Can do is grow their own and in a greenhouse. Then it is better..I think.. 😉

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    • You’re so right! Growing your own food is the best bet. I can imagine working in the food industry is not pretty. I think we all want to think good things about food and not exactly what we’re consuming…
      I’ve been following many homesteaders that even raise chickens and have cows for milk and butter. I do live in an area I can have these animals, but not sure I could eat my chickens! Eggs yes.


      • Yeah me too. I dont think I could kill a animal to eat. Eggs are fine.
        We have deer here, about 3 generations of them now. They know they are safe here. We wont shoot them and the neighbors down the road wont. If they stay in this area. But if they go out further, yeah someone will shoot them and fill their freezer. And they will do that in off season even.
        I might catch fish. They have the best trout anywhere. 15 different kinds. Plus the bass And other fish in the lake. The trout are in the cold river.
        Stupid thing is we have been here over 7 years and live less than 10 minutes away from that.
        I used to be a vegetarian and felt much better too. But I can go both ways.

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        • Sad about the off season killers. It’s so no mom deer get shot while raising babies. How sad. I couldn’t kill an animal, but have no problems eating them. 😮
          I am type o- and need my protein. I do try to eat organic raised and grass feed beef. I’m lowering my beef intake also. I do want more fish. Hubby got a new pole for Xmas and now he’ll have something to do while I’m talking flower pictures!


  3. Most other countries have said no to the monsters. But some have allowed them. Mexico did… and India. But I think India is doing something about that now..
    But..we are really messing up our country.
    And people making fun of fat people…some may eat too much, but gmo’s also do that to people. And a lot worse too.

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    • I think India is regretting it hardcore. Mexico… not as much. Their economy is booming now. We’ll see tho.
      I was going to have a post about food labels in different countries. I want to think of a food item that is international and has bad things in it.
      That’s a winter post for me. Flowers are my main bag now!


  4. Yes, India is regretting it. There have been si many suicides among the farmers. Their crops have failed them. And that is sad. They trusted someone who told them their crops would have a higher yield. But it didn’t
    China has turned away corn from here. I can’t remember if they turned it away or burned it. Russia too.
    At least other countries seem to be smarter.
    I remember when I first heard of the big M.
    The year 2000. Someone had tipped me off about them on a garden forum. It was a Florida forum. People got mad at him and ridiculed him. Me.., I went and did research on it. He was right.
    So I told that person on the forum to look it up. Of course they didn’t believe it. Why would any company do that?? So I told him wait and watch. That day is coming.
    As far as flowers go, a person can tell if they are heirloom if that one has a scent. Most do not anymore. I miss the way they used to smell. My pink hyacinth ( spellchecker didn’t catch that one..) has the greatist smell!
    They are on the side of the house in a flowerbed. Right where my husband dumped a few empty pai t buckets. So I told him to clean it out. There are flowers there!!!! Geeze he is a pig.
    I don’t go outside as much because it looks like crap. For every mess I clean up of his, ten more will come. Makes me want to pull my hair out.
    And I have some indigo plants in the flowerbed if you want to call it that now.
    He had a hose laying over it. I told him to get it off there. It is still on. Sooo….tomorrow I will just get louder.
    He bought me a couple of blueberry bushes and yesterday I saw the first bloom! I love blueberries.
    So do our dogs. Lol.
    I really need to transplant them , but im afraid they will drop the blooms from the repotting shock. Some plants do that.
    And thanks for the link joshua! I think now it is better to buy seeds from out of the country. They are better since they didn’t let the monster in. 😉

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    • I have totally noticed the lack of smells from my florist shop flowers. Roses used to smell so much, you knew you were getting a delivery when the guy pulled into the driveway.
      People all have their own ideas. I’ve given up my preaching. I write my posts and if it helps someone, great. Otherwise, I’m not getting into a big debate about it. Too old for that and I can’t do anger anymore, my heart will attack me. 😛


  5. Ever smell the flowers at the store? The real pretty ones? They have no smell. At least ones that I have sniffed.
    We need to see if we can get some people interested in a round robin. 🙂 Send heirlooms.

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