imageYa know… When it comes to holidays at my house, I tend to spend them on the down-low and don’t want to get sucked into the commercialized side. I’m also not religious.

There are other ways I celebrate and look forward to. Today is that day. The beauty of today is that I didn’t know exactly when this holiday would be celebrated. I knew it generally falls towards the end of AprilΒ  (2015) or possibly the beginning of May (2014). Either way, it brings me great joy… More than Christmas. I’m sure you’ve already checked your calendar to see if this holiday is national or recognized. I’m sure there are some folks that will become celebrators after I let you in on what the big hub-bub is…

It’s Asparagus Season!!!! Yeah!!!! Woo hooo!!

Grilled, steamed, garliced, fresh, wrapped in prosciutto (thanks Mongo’s Dad!) & provolone, creamed soup, pickled, omelettes, sauteed… Did I leave out any other way to enjoy these succulent, juicy, gifts from Mother Earth?!?


Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

27 thoughts on “Asparagus!

  1. You sure know how to set a fellow off. Whenever I went to a party (back when I was partnered) I was always told not to eat all the asparagus but to leave some for others. But I always tried hard not to do as I was told. I love asparagus. And religious or not it’s a case of thank God for Mother Earth – or the other way around.

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