Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta (Take two)

These guys were everywhere last weekend! They were flying around some damaged trees. They like fermented tree sap and other fermented things. My kind of butterfly!! They weren’t as big as the ones I saw last year, however that was later in the year. They like moister atmosphere and this location was near a river.

image  image

image  image

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

44 thoughts on “Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta (Take two)

  1. Nice shots of this butterfly. Until you try taking photos of butterflies, you do not realize how hard they are to capture in your camera lens. I sometimes work hours trying to capture a butterfly as perfectly as I can. You did a good job capturing this butterfly.

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  2. We have Dragon Flies everywhere at the moment. Here in the Territory, we only have 2 season, – the wet and the dry season. People say that when the Dragon Flies start coming out (and they do in droves), that is when the air has less humidity and the dry season is apon us!.

    Beautifully shot. Thanks for sharing.

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