Where Am I?


What Midwestern state am I in?
Choppy’s Mom, don’t give it away too fast!






It is a tradition to add a sidecar of beer to a bloody Mary. Its so regional I can’t find much info on the Web. Many Germans settled here. I can only imagine this is Gernan thang. My dad used to like tomato juice and beer. If spunky or in need of a hangover cure, put a raw egg in it.

Enjoy your weekend!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

35 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. I was gonna say ‘Skonsin, I don’t know why…where’s the wine cheese and brats? I used to spend summers there when my dad taught summer school at the U.

    I’m already sick, so don’t go making me puke with raw eggs, tomato juice, and beer. YECCHHH! Pardon me for my cultural insensitivity….


    • Oh, believe me… no raw egg is getting anywhere near my pie hole. Yuk!
      Ah yes, the land of beer, cheese and brats… mmmm!
      We did play dice for drinks and played the tab ripping lottery. I’d move up here in a heartbeat!


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