24 thoughts on “Again. This is Why I Don’t Have Children

  1. Well heck, dogs are generally less trouble, less expensive and, more entraining. No need to apologize to anyone because it is your choice and I don’ believe there is anything written that everyone needs to have children. Well maybe the Bible says “go forth and multiply” but that was written for a different time and place. Did you free the chipmunk?

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    • Dogs are the bestest IMO!
      I was making light of when I’ve watched YouTube… many times the camera handler would rather film the incident than either help or stop the bad activity. This would happen a lot with parents filming their kids doing bad things. I know my mother would have put the camera down, marched in and stopped the ill activities us kids (+ dad, her 3rd child) were doing asap.
      I’ll have to write a post about my decision to not have kids. I seem to be an anomaly. I also had a lot of struggles/medical issues because of it.
      Yes! Chippy chipmunk was set free unharmed. Maybe a bit freaked out tho!

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    • Ha ha! I love the amount of YouTube videos that patents have submitted that include this type of behavior. Makes my day to laugh at them πŸ˜‰
      Surprisingly, Breck isn’t a camera fan and usually walks away when I point it at him. He was obviously completely distracted! 🐿 squirrel… er I mean chipmunk!

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  2. My dog sheds a LOT more than my kid, but my kid is a LOT louder than my dog. Just depends on which nuisances you want to put up with more. πŸ˜‰

    I never understood the “scandal” behind people not wanting to have kids. It’s not exactly like we’re an endangered species. Oh well, to each their own drama, eh? Of course, I’m half in that boat ’cause I’m fine with raising kids, it’s dealing with certain other things that raise my hackles.

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    • Ha ha! Yes. I can leave my dog home all day and not get arrested πŸ˜‰ Dogs are about my level of responsibility.
      The not wanting kids thing was huge for me, as I had many medical issues with my girly parts. I was anemic and in pain most days. No doctor was willing to do a hysterectomy. I was finally given my operation at 36. Best thing ever!!

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      • …Had to erase a “doctors are pure evil” rant. I’ve had a few problems with them myself and it’s made me rather bitter toward them. I’m glad you found somebody willing to do their job right and give you a hand. I hope that solved the anemia and pain, assuming those were related to your issues.

        That is another bonus not having kids. You don’t deal with constant legal threats. My kid was less than 24 hours old and we were already being called child abusers and having to deal with social workers because my husband was changing a diaper when a nurse walked in. No joke.

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        • Holy carp! I’ll admit my dad never changed diapers. I hopefully will never have to… I guess I would change my husband’s.. lets hope not.
          Yes. My illnesses were all related to the fibroids et all.
          I had been told more than once I’d be “damaged goods” if I didn’t have a uterus.

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          • People can be so rude and downright dumb. I’ve got a lady friend that’s had to have just about every non-essential organ removed (and a handful of vertebrae after that), and it certainly hasn’t impacted her ability to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, much less made her “damaged goods” or an undesirable person of some sort.

            I told my husband we’re just gonna get one of those fancy toilets or a garden hose should either of us become diaper-bound in our twilight years. πŸ˜›

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            • I love the hose option. πŸ˜‰
              After reading your comment, I’m reminded of my friend who had her leg amputated at the knee. Long story short, after 10 surgeries and 5 years not being able to walk well… she’s now RUNNING with her prosthesis! She had to beg to have the surgery. And now she’s active as ever! I wish doctors would get with the times.

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              • With the proper will power, I don’t think there’s much a person can’t do! She’s a pretty good example of that. πŸ™‚

                Some days I wonder if we’re only a half step up from the medieval era when they were good surgeons for all sorts of injuries but if you got the sniffles you should pray for forgiveness so you don’t die.

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