Spring Blooming Flowers 5-24-2016

Revisit history ~ see what I found blooming in 201320142015

image  image

Arisaema atrorubens ~ Jack in the Pulpit   /   Lamiastrum galeobdolon ‘Herman’s pride’ ~ Yellow Archangel

image  image

Osmunda cinnamomea ‘Cinnamon fern’  /  Dicentra spectabilis ~ Bleeding hearts


I love these! My perennial nursery teased me with the possibility of getting YELLOW one this year…. But, the liners didn’t come in. Oh well, maybe next year!

image  image

Juust the beginning of an azalea  /  Thlaspi arvense ~ field pennycress

image   image

Armeria maritima ~ thrift or sea pink  /  Waldsteinia ternata ~ Barren strawberry


Malus x domestica ~ Apple



© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

14 thoughts on “Spring Blooming Flowers 5-24-2016

    • I didn’t look at any photos of it before I found out they weren’t available. I wanted my imagination to be surprised when I saw it. However, since hearing the bummer news, I took a peek… they are ubber cute! And look mostly like the red ones… just yellow! 💛


  1. Jack in the pulpit used to bloom on the trail behind my in-laws’ house. We always enjoyed finding it on our spring walks down to the river. Thanks for posting a beautiful reminder.

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