Chipping Sparrow – Spizella passerina

Sherry of Port 4 U set me straight!
This post was originally written with the ID of a white crowned sparrow… OOPSY! Welp. Good thing she wasn’t scared to set me straight. I am glad for her correction. How else would I learn?!
So, without further adieu… Here’s my post on CHIPPING sparrows!

I had one of these cuties visit me last spring. It was the first time I’d seen one.


These guys learn their songs from the other sparrows around them, thus their songs are quite regional. Both the male and female sing, although the female’s song is less boisterous.

The chipping sparrow is known for its trill song that is a common sound in the woodland. They are often found in open prairies, however like to nest in the lower branches of trees and shrubs.

The nest is built by female, while the male stands guard and is open cup made of grass, twigs, weeds, rootlets, strips of bark, lined with fine grass, feathers, animal hair. The nest is very delicate and somewhat see thru. Soon, 4-5 creamy white to pale green, heavily spotted eggs will bless the couple. Incubation is done by the female only, and takes about 12 days.


© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

33 thoughts on “Chipping Sparrow – Spizella passerina

  1. 12 days to new sparrows! That’s quite something. Do they fledge multiple broods per year?

    That’s so cool that their songs are cultural. I want to go back to school for ethology, and field biology, and comparative anatomy, and astronomy, and also there are Western Meadowlarks here, and it’s so cool that Eastern and Western Meadowlarks look exactly the same, but their songs are different. Not completely different, but different.

    Have you been camping yet? Did you get any of the awful weather?

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    • They do have multiple broods, 2-3 per year. They do have such beautiful songs. I had a few that would sit in the bush near my window and belt out some ballads any sparrow chick would swoon for!
      I can’t wait until I grow up… at 62, many colleges allow you to audit classes FOR FREE! Maybe you can check into that and quench your learning pangs.
      This is our 3rd trip. I’m currently enjoying a severe TS. Breck is hunkered down in the shower. Should be a quicky (1 hour) and the rest of the day looks nice. We’re going to hike and get the lay of the land.


      • OK, you got me. What is a TS? And why is Breck in the shower???

        I have this feeling that I ought to know, but my GI miseries have got my brain paralyzed. Brain worms, that’s it!!! I bless you that you should have a healthy growing-up!


          • Oh, that’s a TS! Have you tried a Thunder Shirt for Breck? He seems to have read the Tornado Book about where to hole up In Case Of, etc. Except of course we now know that there’s too much glass and porcelain in bathrooms, but I still hear stories now and then about someone getting in the tub with a mattress on top of them…

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  2. Me thinks, as much as I detest pointing this out, the little sparrow isn’t a White-Crown but looks to be more of a Chipping Sparrow which happens to be a smaller bird as well. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get North American sparrows correct. You kinda have to study and compare all the subtle differences. I was an active “birder” for years. I had Chipping all winter coming to the feed that I scattered on the ground. I love these little birds. It is quite possible that I have it mixed with another small sparrow since I did not check my ID books. But White Crowned it is not for sure.

    Love your photos. 🙂


          • Birding is like typing and other learned skills. I am not anywhere the birder that I once was but then I don’t have the energy to “hunt” for birds in the trees or walk the shoreline of the lake. I remember all the easy ones and that’s all that I care about at my age. I have had to redirect my energies to things that matter day to day and that is part of old age. But I’ve kept my interest in plants and animals and that will be always. 🙂

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            • Yes! It is a learned skill, just like how I learned all the plants. After the plants, I started trying to learn everything around the plants. I should take some ecology classes. There are some nice birding apps I’ve been learning from and my mom had gotten me a book that you dial the number under the bird and you can listen to the call. Pretty cool!
              I’m glad you guys are out there to help me learn and point out a blunder if need be 😉😉
              Speaking of other things.. how’s your son doing? I think last you mentioned he could play his guitar? Hope he’s mending nicely.

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              • Thanks for asking about Danny. He continues with speech therapy and is getting slowly more confident to speak. He does all things independently and has good recall although short term is a bit deficient. He is in a deep depression and has been on several meds to no avail. Does not sleep much at night but spends most of his day glued to his bed so that’s probably why meds don’t help much for insomnia . He focuses on all the negatives.


                • I’m glad he’s somewhat getting better. I do know that about 30% of folks don’t respond to antidepressants… I don’t. 😣
                  Hopefully, something will snap alive in him and his desire to want to be better or accept his situation will happen. I’ll pass on a prayer for him.

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                • That you for the prayer. I hope that counseling will help and getting approved to drive will offer some motivation.(He can drive since I have let him a few times and he drives perfectly but it has to be an official approval. You can be sued after an accident even if it’s not your fault if you have a TBI). He just has not gotten to the point of accepting how his life has taken a detour.

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                • Driving will be a huge plus, I think. After having a bad surgery and not able to drive for 8 weeks, I felt tons better when I could leave the house alone.
                  Acceptance of the situation is a tough thing. I am having acceptance issues about age and the things I don’t do as well and/or now have to take medication for. I’ve gotten counseling now also.
                  Our brains are vast things and sometimes it’s hard to get them to think differently. It’s hard work, but must be done to survive.

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                • Thanks for writing of your personal trials. I’m glad that counseling has helped you. I pray it will help my son.

                  The age factor is very difficult for me to deal with as well but I am much older than you. I was very active until about 3 1/2 years ago when I became very ill due to gluten allergy and then developed afib. The meds make me very fatigued and I’m hoping for a med change when I see my MD in June.

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                • I wish you well & hope a med change will help you. I just got on high blood pressure meds and had to switch a few as they made me cough and lethargic. I’m now trying to lose weight and get off them. Need glasses now also 🤓 Feel like a blind bat !

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