Cuddly Dog

imageOreo is my closest friend. Not closest because we’ve known each other for years and know each others most intimate thoughts. Closest because he is quite literally on me most of the time! I struggle to type because his nose must be under my hand as I type. If I move out of the norm of typing, he thinks it means I’m ready to pet him and he nudges me with his nose. Sometimes, he puts his paws in my hands. I’ve never met a dog that likes his paws held before. Of course, this doesn’t follow through on mani/peddi days when the clippers come out. Nope.

Oreo must sleep with us also. He is the horizontal line of the ‘H’, as he likes to stretch and push on us with this four paws. I’ve gotten good at spinning his 40# around parallel to us like the Roman numeral III when the humans are gripping onto the bed edges.

Breck is the complete opposite. He doesn’t mind a good neck scratch, face rub or frog-dog, but after 60 seconds, he’s had enough of me and saunters off to do ‘Breck business’, unless I’m headed to the pantry (Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard). He’s borderline cat-like.

I have read that dogs don’t think of hugs as affectionate, but as a dominance thing. I don’t hug Breck much because he doesn’t like it and I don’t want to freak him out. I know he still loves me!

On the other hand, Oreo wants to give me his own style of affection. He enjoys sniffing eyes. Yes, sniffing eyes. He sticks his nose right next to your eyeball and just hovers there. I have no idea what he’s doing, but he doesn’t try to lick or poke my eye out, just sniffs. I like to ‘butterfly kiss’ him with my eyelashes. He will usually just lightly snort and continue to sniff. That’s when usually the other human (that’s not getting their eye sniffed) tells Oreo to kiss the eyesniffee… Then it’s all over… Slobbery licky kisses!!

I had to laugh after being persuaded to do an internet search on the topic of ‘eye-sniffing’… Turns out many wise folks on the internet think I must have cancer or some other debilitating eye disease!  Don’t get me wrong. I truly believe dogs and other animals are capable of many feats of nature we humans are too bull-headed to see. However, in the case of Oreo, I think he just enjoys being close to us.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

23 thoughts on “Cuddly Dog

  1. Aw, he really is too cute and cuddly 🙂 But it is great to have different doggie personalities. Two sitting on you all the time would be a little much!
    And I think this is the first time I get to see your lovely red hair. 🙂 Sorry if that sounds a bit creepy! But my sister has red hair, and there are fewer and fewer redheads around these days. That’s all I meant! 🙂


  2. Oreo could be the twin of Easy :o) I have to admit that I asked google for this eye cancer thing once too. Yes I really did that after I read about dogs who can sniff lung-cancer. But if something is wrong with my eyes then I’m anyway a hopeless case after 6 years with Easy, his eye-sniffing is more ” I give you a shiner with my nose” :o)


  3. Dogs don’t stop to think if they should do it or not. They just do the right thing without thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if people thought that way.


  4. I just finished reading a book where the author was also of the opinion that hugs are a dominance thing, and perhaps that’s true. But I, personally, don’t think that’s always true. I spent a lot of time on a farm when I was young and the personalities of all the dogs were so different one from another. I remember some that would definitely try to be “alpha” by “hugging” but there were others that seemed to genuinely enjoy physical attention as just pleasurable in and of itself. I think it’s very cool that your boy loves to show affection so much. (and also, years ago I had a little eye licker…no idea why, she would love to lick my eyes….!)


    • Thank you for the input! I do agree that dogs do have vastly different personalities. Breck does think it’s a dominance thing. He will let me scratch his belly while he bows, but that’s exactly 30 seconds and we’re done. Glad to hear the eye thing is a bit more wide spread than I thought! I thought Oreo had a pretty odd fetish! 👀


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