Long Pond ~ Kickapoo State Park


This area was inhabited by the Kickapoo tribe. They later were moved to Kansas.
Kickapoo (Kiikaapoa or Kiikaapoi) which means “Stands here and there,” and “wanderer” which describes their nomadic ways.
This area was once a marred landscape, ravaged by turn-of-the-century strip-mine operations. Fifty years of nature’s rejuvenation have changed Kickapoo’s 2,842 acres into an outdoor playground. Twenty-two deep water ponds, ranging in size from 0.2 of an acre to 57 acres, provide a total of 221 acres of water for boaters, canoeists, scuba divers and anglers.
Long Pond is right below our camp site. It was a great kayak paddle.

Β© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

32 thoughts on “Long Pond ~ Kickapoo State Park

  1. Interesting post. My husband has some Native American blood and loves anything to do with them. something odd about the image you included. It opens in a new window but it opens the same tiny size – too small to see.

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  2. Holy crap, Batwoman, they’re shutting down Kikapoo??? Yikes, it’ll be nothing but drug dealers and meth labs.

    Which park in Illinois has the limestone hogback ridges carved out by glaciers, with dry stream beds full of ancient sea floor fossils? There’s this wonderful segmented round worm that was plentiful in the same stratum as the trilobite, but it fossilized kind of as a separate thing, so I used to find piles of these worm segments maybe half an inch across. I made necklaces out of them, like wampum.

    I can’t believe Illinois is going to let that wonderful resource turn back to ill-nature. Sounds like it’s got a running start on that 😠

    Er, yes. PI in bloom, greasing the waters with poisonous pollen. Charming, that! Someone should rope that off with police tape to prevent drunken lunatics getting it on themselves and anointing the bathroom door and toilet handles….shudder…..my son got PI on his wee wee once, and he was quite miserable. In fact I’ve seen serious wee wee malfunctions as a result of rhus poisoning. But you are an old hand at keeping the hands clean. Still when I see a photo like that…😱

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    • Illinois is f*cked IMO. We’re the new Detroit!
      I think many of the cooler preserves that require employees (not just camp hosts) are the ones that are getting closed. This is so sad!!!
      I can’t think of the park you are thinking of. Let me mull and I may come up with an answer.
      I think the only thing Illinois can do to get out of this hole is legalize pot. So much income is possible!
      I know how much you love PI πŸ˜‰ I don’t think anyone is docking here, it’s a shear wall. Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of it around.

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      • Ending prohibition would generate income and save the enormous financial burden of dealing with organized crime around marijuana distribution. I think agricultural states need to legalize hemp production and processing. So much “green” revenue, and it’s good for the soil! On the sad side, so much of Illini soil is “Roundup Ready,” and full of Crossbow, that the poor naked hemp plants might have nowhere to grow. What’s your take?

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        • I agree many of the fields are tainted however, I think they could be brought back to life. Hemp grows pretty readily, especially if you’re using it for its textile purpose and not its medical. Medical would still be propagated in a hot house. Too much is at stake to let nature take care of it.
          I’d think Illinois would be out of debt in 2 years after legalization. And our prisons less full, more time for police to catch killers, not pot smokers, and generally folks may smile more πŸ˜‰


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