Summer Blooming Flowers 6-23-2016

Happy Thursday everyone! I haven’t been writing any notes in my Blooming posts like I did last year. I am pretty busy at the workplace. I have to bring work home, which cramps my bloggin’ style. Frowny face.

I did get unshackled from my desk today. Unfortunately, manual labor was on the docket. I spent my time pulling cattails out of two detention basins. The smell was atrocious. Like rotting plants. I know the system is healthy, however it was like the “Bog of Eternal Stench”. It was also a mud fest in there. I was head to toe mud. Everywhere. Even in my boots. Glad I go commando! Had I worn socks, it would have been a bigger mess. 😉

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. ~ Faith Baldwin

See what I found blooming in 201320142015

image   image

Amorpha canescens ~ lead plant   |   Penstemon digitalis ~ Foxglove Beardtongue


Eupatorium perfoliatum ~ Common Boneset


Paeonia ~ Peony

image   image

Paeonia ~ Peony   |   Tradescantia virginiana ~ Spiderwort

image   image

Stachys byzantina ‘Big ears’   |  I think this is Iris ‘Rare Treat’


Rosa Rosa


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